Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Savvy Cleaner Approved

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review

Today’s Zep stainless steel product review we reveal top 3 shocking secrets for that expert shine on your appliances.

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Polishing the MicrowaveYou can watch Angela Brown cleaning and see for yourself in this Zep stainless steel product review the right way to use Zep.

Beyond the shocking expert shine, you’ll learn in today’s Zep stainless steel product review about the SDS. (Safety Data Sheets.)

Angela Brown, the House Cleaning Guru uses edgeless microfiber towels and proper polishing techniques. Give it a try. You too can create alluring stainless steel.

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How do you keep stainless steel appliances clean? That’s a great question, and we’re going to talk about that today. Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now, while answering today’s question, I’m also going to do a Zep Stainless Steel product review.  Note, this is not a paid ad. It’s not a paid endorsement. They don’t even know that I’m doing this. But I want to share with you one of the products that I’ve used for years,and why I like it.

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review – Great Gift

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Gift from Cleaning ClientsI was in a customer’s house one day and I was using some stainless-steel polish. She came in and asked if it was my favorite product, and I said, “Yes, here’s the reason why.” After I got done explaining it to her, I came back a couple of weeks later to clean her house again. And lo and behold, for my Christmas tip, she had purchased five bottles of the Zep Commercial Stainless-Steel Polish for me. They’re about $5 a piece and you can buy them at Home Depot, but that was an investment in my business. I was like, “Yes, there’s a customer that understands me.”

My Reasons for Zep Stainless Steel Product Review & Use

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Stainless Steel SinkHere’s why I like Zep. I’ve tried all the different products that are on the market, and I prefer this because it goes on easy. It doesn’t smear, and it doesn’t streak. And, it cleans as it polishes.

Now, there are a couple of keys to make it work. Number one, you don’t want to overspray.

If you over spray, then you’re going to have a lot more stuff you have to clean up. You’ll have more buffing and polishing to get it back to just a shiny, clean look.

Work Smart Not Hard Polishing Tools

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, No Seam on Microfiber ClothThere are a couple of other things, and these are our work-smart-not-hard tools. There are two different kinds of microfiber cloths. There’s one that has an edge on it, or it has stitching.

This is the kind do you want to stay away from when polishing stainless steel.  The edges that will catch on the stainless steel and it will leave little marks, and so then you got to go back and buff the marks off. The work-smart-not-hard kind of cloth is a seamless or an edgeless microfiber cloth. This allows you to then buff once with no streaks.

Proper Polishing Technique

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Preparing to polish the microwaveAll right, then the next thing that you have to pay attention to is when you’re using your polishing cloth, there’s a proper way to do it.

Fold the cloth over to make a pocket and slide your hand inside like a mitt. Then with the other hand, hold the loose tail of the cloth while you polish the stainless steel.

This technique will prevent any polish on the end of the cloth from flipping around and getting on the glass or touchpads.

A Little Polish Goes a Long Way

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Polishing the DishwasherYou don’t need a whole lot of polish. A little goes a long way. Just spray enough polish on the appliance that your cloth will glide from side to side.

If you buff in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel, then you’re not circling back to an area you’ve already polished. Spray, wipe and Bam! You’re done.

SDS Bilingual 3 Ring BinderZep Stainless Steel Product Review – SDS Breakdown

Now, Zep Manufacturing is out of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s an interesting story. They started out in 1937 as three entrepreneurs who wanted to improve the janitorial and residential cleaning world. They went from 1937 all the way until 1962 when they were acquired by the National Linen Service.

Then, they became a subsidiary of the National Service Industries, also known as NSI.

Then, over the next 35 years, there was a variety of mergers and acquisitions. They expanded through the cleaning realm into garden products. And insecticides, herbicides, plumbing, and cleaning solutions. It’s amazing the stuff that they came up with.

SDS Info - Identification Savvy Cleaner SpacerZep Goes Public

Then in 2001, Zep, along with NSI’s lighting equipment business, spun off from the National Service Industries. They formed a new entity called Acuity Brands Inc. They went for six years as Acuity Brands. Then, in 2007, Zep emerged as an independent publicly traded company under the name Zep Inc.

Then they did something fascinating. They acquired a whole bunch of world-class brands that you already use inside your home. Brands like Black Magic, Blue Coral, Country Vet, De-Solv-it, Enforcer, Niagara, and Rain-X just to mention a few.


Zep Goes Private

Then in 2015, Zep Inc. became a private company. Then, fast forward to 2017, Zep Inc. entered into an agreement to purchase AFCO, which is a premium food and beverage hygiene company. And their pride is that they create products that work right the first time. The “works right the first time” is what I love about their stainless-steel polish. So, that’s a little bit about Zep.

SDS Hazards Warning Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Hazard Warnings

Zep may cause allergic reactions. The reactions are skin inflammation characterized by itching, scaling, or reddening. And if you’re using the product as directed, it’s not even going to get on your skin.

SDS Composition Ingredients Savvy Cleaner SpacerComposition & Ingredients

Zep Stainless Steel Polish consists of:

  • Paraffin oil, which is also used in candles.
  • Petroleum spirits, which is a liquid hydrocarbon mixture used as non-polar solvents.
  • D-limonene, which is the oil from a citrus rind
  • Isopropyl alcohol, which we know as rubbing alcohol and is also used as antiseptic to sterilize wounds. So, that is what it’s made of. Yay.

SDS First Aid Savvy Cleaner SpacerFirst Aid Measures

  • If you get this in your eyes, you’ll want to flush your eyes with water.
  • Exposure to the skin, wash the affected area with mild soap and water.
  • If you breathe it or inhale it, move to fresh air if it’s bothering you.
  • And if you ingest it, which it’s unlikely in this form, do not induce vomiting unless you’re directed to do so by medical personnel.

SDS Fire Safety Savvy Cleaner SpacerFire Fighting Measures

It is a flammable liquid and vapor, and that’s true with most any aerosol spray. So, you don’t want to puncture the can. And if you do light fire to it, you want to use a dry chemical or a CO2 fire extinguisher.

SDS Accidental Release Spills Savvy Cleaner SpacerAccidental Release

Accidental release or large spills of the stainless-steel polish are unlikely due to packaging.

SDS Storage Savvy Cleaner SpacerHandling & Storage

This is an aerosol spray and the contents are under pressure. So, you want to keep it away from heat, sparks, and flame.

SDS Exposure Personal Protection Savvy Cleaner SpacerExposure Controls

For long-term exposure, wear disposable nitrile gloves, which we already use in house cleaning. And make sure you have adequate ventilation.

SDS Physical - Chemical Properties Savvy Cleaner SpacerPhysical & Chemical Properties

All right, now the physical and chemical properties. It is a liquid. It’s an aerosol. The color is amber, and the scent is citrus, which is pleasant to most everyone. Yay.

SDS Stability - Reactivity Savvy Cleaner SpacerStability & Reactivity

The stability and reactivity, the product is stable.

SDS Toxicity Sickness Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Toxicological Information

There are no toxicity listings for humans.

SDS Ecological - Earth Friendly Savvy Cleaner SpacerEcological Information

There are no environmental hazards listed.

SDS Disposal Waste Savvy Cleaner SpacerDisposal Considerations

To toss an aerosol can follow the rules of your local waste management program. Follow your federal state and local environmental control regulations.

SDS Transportation Savvy Cleaner SpacerTransportation Regulations

The proper shipping name is consumer commodity. It’s not regulated by the Department of Transportation.

So, if you want to put this in your cleaning caddy and you want to drive all the way across town, nobody’s going to stop you. So, go for it.

SDS Regulatory Compliance Savvy Cleaner SpacerRegulations & Compliance

Zep Stainless Steel Product Review, Savvy Cleaner ApprovedZep stainless steel polish meets the US federal regulations. In the state of California, it has a special listing under the benzene-toluene law for pregnant women.

Does Zep Commercial Stainless-Steel Polish do what it says it’s going to do? And the answer is yes, it does. So, I’m going to give Zep the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval.

Now, if you haven’t used it, it’s 4 or $5 a bottle, and it’s going to last a long time. A bottle of this will last you six months, maybe nine months. You may go through one or two bottles a year if you’re a commercial house cleaner.

Now, I want to hear, does it work for you? Do you love it as much as I do? Leave your comments below and let me know what your favorite stainless-steel product if it’s not Zep.

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