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What is My Cleaning Connection?

My cleaning connection is my answer to your request.

I work and play in a land where there are lots of house cleaners. My Facebook groups are about and full of house cleaners, maids, and housekeepers. And the things we talk about include house cleaning and commercial cleaning.

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My Cleaning Connection Your Hub for Cleaning Gear

All day, people ask me where to find things like allergy masks or disposable gloves for cleaning.  And every day I pass out links to my favorite products. Products I use or have used over the years.  In my 25 years as a professional house cleaner, I’ve tried lots of products that don’t work.

And I don’t want you to waste your money trying products that don’t work. So, I’m only going to share with you the stuff I like and can afford.

I built my business from the ground up and know that a penny saved is a penny earned. So I’m not going to share the most expensive products just so I can make a commission.

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Full Disclosure – Savvy Cleaner is a For-Profit Company

I should let you know that I’m a business person just like you. And free ideas, podcasts, Youtube videos and house cleaning forums we’ve created for you cost money to maintain. I’ve even hired teams of people to help me streamline the ideas and tips we provide you free of charge. And I get to pay those people who help me help you. Here’s how it works.

You need something for your business and you ask my advice. I give you my best tips and strategies and I may link you to Amazon or somewhere else to get your own copy. The link I give you is an affiliate link. This means that I make a commission when you click the link and buy.

The fantastic news is that it doesn’t cost you a penny more than if you had done your own research and bought the products from anywhere on the internet. What they are paying me is part of their advertising budget in exchange for telling you about their products. In many cases, they give me discounts and savings to pass along to you through my affiliate links.

Affiliate links are a good thing – everyone wins. They allow you to support my business and allow me to keep providing stellar information to you.

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My Cleaning Connection Breaking News

So yes, there is a store here that generates money to keep this information flowing to you. And this site includes things that don’t earn money in any way like breaking news for the cleaning industry.

We commit to bring you the most current changes, and updates in the cleaning world. Think of it as your own CNN for Cleaning.

This means that if you see something, or know of breaking news, you can submit your stories to us and we will include them here.

  • This can be a marketing opportunity for you as a cleaning business owner. If you can spin a story to help the industry, and you happen to be the expert – we’ll talk about you and your company here.

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My Cleaning Connection Covers Employee Rights

Are you an employee of a cleaning company? Do you work for a janitorial service? Do you have employees and want to know best practices for hiring and retaining employees?

What motivates employees day after day?

My Cleaning Connection can help.

We bring you recommended resources to manage your employees. And we educate you and your employees on employee rights.

We have resources to help you with legal issues and best practices.

If you have a happy team – you have a healthy business.

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My Cleaning Connection Includes Health Tips for Cleaning Technicians

As a house cleaner, maid, janitor or housekeeper you tax your body every day to its max. Yes, you will get in excellent shape from your job. But you may also have kinks in your neck, hips, back, knees, shoulders, and elbows.

Your energy may dip at pivotal points during the day. And it’s easy to reach for the next energy drink full of sugar and caffeine to keep you going.

My Cleaning Connection can help with that. This is a place where you will find blogs, tips, newsletters and products to help you be the best version of you.

I believe that cleaning house is like a sport and you are a cleaning athlete. We are going to keep you in competition shape.  And we’re going to help you maintain your body so you can keep doing your job year after year.

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My Cleaning Connection Has Partnered with HouseCleaning360

You’re going to need a bunch of things to succeed. And those things link back to scattered bits of contact information from all over the web. I’m talking about things like Web design, videography, cleaning apps or booking software.

They may be suppliers who provide a single product or independent distributors.

Rather than trying to remember and organize sixty-five different “must have” links, we’ll be sending you to our sister site.

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HouseCleaning360 is the Home For All the Contact Information

HouseCleaning360 is a place where you can list your business and include your contact information. This is your business videos, before and after photos, FAQ, and a map of the area you serve. It includes your logo and your branding. There’s also a place for ratings and reviews from your clients and feedback from your fans.

It also includes ALL the ways someone might contact you. All your social media links, your website, your phone, and email. Bam!

It’s too confusing to recommend a company who only uses a business Facebook page. How am I supposed to remember the name of their business and the link?


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It’s Too Confusing and Too Much Trouble

If I want to tell you about a service that might help you, I have to log into Facebook. I have to know the name of the person and find them on my friend’s list. Then I have to click on their name and go to their business page and then copy the link and then cut and past it so you can click on it.

The next person may only use Twitter – so I have to go through a series of different contact hoops to get their information to you.

Then there’s no good organizational way for you to store and remember their link. This means in two weeks time, you’ll be asking me for the same information. “Hey, can you send me that link again to that guy?” No. It’s too much trouble.

But I will send you to HouseCleaning360 where all the information lives, and you can find what you are looking for in one place.

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My Cleaning Connection For Cleaning Conferences and Trade Shows

The cleaning industry is booming and each year there are conferences and trade shows you should know about. Our calendar of events includes those shows so you can plan to attend.

We’ll also let you know if a conference is free or if you need to buy tickets. Our goal is to provide the links to these shows in time for early bird registration so you’ll get the best deals and discounts if you attend.

You can submit your conference or event to us: info[at]

Include as much detail as possible, company website, ticket pricing, etc. So we can let everybody know about your venue.

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My Cleaning Connection Has a Calendar of Social Media Events

Our calendar of events has opportunities to help you grow your cleaning business. If you plan ahead, you can maximize your business exposure and take advantage of the free promotion.

For example, HouseCleaning360 celebrates a business a day. They push out their marketing via all the social channels for that service. Services include house cleaning, professional organizing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and stuff like that.

You can look at the calendar and see that on the 18th of every month they do a big social media push for house cleaning. You’re invited to link your business HouseCleaning360 link to all their social media posts. They drive traffic to HouseCleaning360 via podcast and YouTube videos and you can ride the wave of publicity.

If you’re smart about it, you’ll have a discount, gift certificates or some timely reminder to inspire people to hire you. Don’t reinvent the wheel – it’s connected to a wagon that is already moving. And it’s moving in a targeted direction towards your customers.

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My Cleaning Connection Your Hub for Learning

The internet is full of podcasts, blogs, and videos. There are books, newsletters, and other resources to help you grow your cleaning business. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, you may not find it.

We bring you the best information all in one place to save you time and searching. And why spend time reading shabby newsletters that underperform? Instead you can target your focus  on those that produce results.

Our recommended resources is a learning library that is ever changing and growing. Be a part of it.

If you have resources to submit, send an email to info[at]

And we will have our team vet them for possible inclusion.

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My Cleaning Connection Showcases Trainers and Consultants

We all know that at times you may have a custom situation that requires outside help. You may need a coach, trainer or consultant to help you leverage your opportunities. We’ve got all that too.

In our calendar of events, we have training and development opportunities. We’ll let you know about upcoming webinars, or weekend retreats so you can plan in advance. Our consultants help house cleaners, janitors, business owners and employees.

If you are a consultant send your upcoming events to info[at]


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My Cleaning Connection for Social Media Show and Share

Social media show and share are opportunities for you to show off your Facebook page. You may have an awesome Instagram page – but nobody knows how to find it.

Social media show and share is a place where you can add your links and we can look you up. We can connect, follow, like, repost, retweet, repin and engage with you.

Now you might be asking “I’m a house cleaner. Why would I want to connect with other house cleaners? Aren’t they my competition?”

Great question. No.

You’ll be connecting with people all over. And when somebody asks them who they know in your area that cleans houses, because they are following you and they are a fan, they will recommend you.

It’s another way to get free leads. It’s word of mouth marketing on steroids.

Join our social media show and share program. Coming soon.

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My Cleaning Connection – Gifts for House Cleaners

All year homeowners ask me what they should buy for their house cleaner or maid for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

My Cleaning Connection is now home for the gifts you want most. We have polled our networks to compile your wish list.

You can add to the wish list by sending a link (where to buy) gift items your clients might give you. info[at]

Now, don’t be silly and put links to fancy cars and boats and stuff like that. I’m talking items $100 or less. Add to the conversation and let your clients know things you would appreciate besides cash.

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Angela Brown
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