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What Chemicals to Use on a Move Out Clean

Do you know what chemicals to use on a move out clean? Are you looking for the best way to deep clean an apartment before moving out? Cleaning a rental property can be overwhelming.

Here are some things you need to know when cleaning an apartment after a tenant moves out.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

What Chemicals Do You Use on a Move-Out Clean?

Move Out Clean, Woman with ComputerWhat chemicals do you use on a move-out clean? Today’s question comes from somebody that wrote into the show. 

She says, “Can I ask what supplies do you need when you clean home when someone else renting moves out? Should you bleach everything and then clean? I’m new to cleaning up after someone else that I didn’t know personally. Trying to see if cleaning up after people is for me. I’m terrified. I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced being scared of not knowing what might have been left behind.

The people who moved out of the house was made at the owner. This might sound crazy; I was just wondering if professional cleaners use something different. I’ve never cleaned for a company before. I’m good at organizing, and lots of people have had me organize their homes, so I was going to try my hand at cleaning too.”

Don’t Be Afraid of What You Don’t Know

Move Out Clean, Man Confused CleaningThis is a lot of questions thrown in here together. The first thing isdon’t be afraid of what you don’t know. So, you’re afraid of what other people might have left behind.

Here’s what they left behind. Dust and probably little bits of garbage that need to be vacuumed up. Now right now, if you were to go inside your own home, there’s stuff that you know that’s in your house, “Ah, that probably shouldn’t be there.” But if you were to leave and someone else were to come in, they might go, “Ah, how could these people live this way?”

Because our dust and our own dirt look different to us. And so, there are people that you’ll go to their house and they’ll say, “Ah, it’s not that bad.” And then you look at it and you’re like, “Oh yeah, this is really bad.” 

Dust is Hidden in Every House

Move Out Clean, Dust on FloorSo the first thing that I want you to be aware of is a house that normally looks clean, when you move all the furniture and everything out of the house, there’s the dust that’s hiding underneath the dresser, behind the TV, behind or under the sofa or under the cushions of the sofa. And when stuff gets moved and shuffled around, there’s extra dust.

If the baseboards or the skirting boards had been cleaned, now they’ve moved away from the dresser, and they’ve moved away from the television or the entertainment center, now they’ve moved away from the sofa, there are a lot of baseboards or skirting boards that haven’t been cleaned.

Nobody could get to them. And so now they’re dirty and there’s dust buildup and it looks like it’s super icky. It’s not super icky. It just needs extra maintenance.

Everything is Highlighted Without Furniture

Move Out Clean, Empty HouseBut what you’re looking at is this, and I want you to be very careful about this. What you’re looking at is when there’s no furniture and there are no distractions in the room, everything is highlighted. So, when you walk in and there’s a great big spot on the carpet that’s super clean.

It makes the rest of the carpet look really dirty because there was a sofa sitting right on top of that one spot. So, the one spot looks super clean where nothing got to it, and then the rest of the floor looks absolutely filthy.

But if you walked into a normal room that had a sofa there, you would not even notice it because it all blends in together.

A Moving Clean is a Special Type of Cleaning

Move Out Clean, Man Holding BoxSo, a moving clean is a special type of cleaning. And this special type of cleaning actually takes longer than a regular cleaning with all the stuff in it, because you do have all the skirting boards and all the baseboards that have to be cleaned.

You have all the blinds where there was something in front of that window that now isn’t there, like a dresser for example. Now it’s moved and there’s all this dust buildup. And when you open the curtains, there are little dead bugs that are on the windowsill itself.

And when you open up the windowsill the tracks in the windows are all icky and it has dirt and mud buildup and all these things. So, it’s a different kind of clean.

What Chemicals to Use for Moving Cleans

Move Out Clean, Woman Looking at Cleaning BottleSo, when you talk about what kind of chemicals do you use. When we do a deep clean, we use a certain series of chemicals that are often a little bit stronger than the maintenance clean chemicals that we use. For example, if you have heavy rings in your toilet, we might use a heavy-duty toilet bowl cleaner.

But then on a regular maintenance clean when your toilet is all clean and shiny, it might be a few shakes of a powdered cleanser, a little scrub with a toilet brush, and you’re good to go. So, the chemicals might be a little bit stronger for a deep clean than what we would use on maintenance clean.

It’s going to depend on how dirty the house is and what is the scope of the job. But there’s nothing to be afraid of because there are humans that lived in the house and no they are moving out of the house, and you’re just going in to clean it after the humans.

Move Out Cleans Don’t Have to Be Scary

Move Out Clean, Man Afraid with Hands UpSo, think of it as like, “I was cleaning up after my mom after she moved out. I was cleaning up after my brother after he moved out.” Think of it as these are real everyday people that had a real everyday life. There’s nothing spooky or scary about it.

When you walk in and you see that great big clean spot on the carpet where a piece of furniture was, that doesn’t mean they were slobs, it means the rest of the room got more wear and tear than underneath that piece of furniture.

So once you clean and the house is immaculate and it looks amazing, that’s when the carpet cleaners come in and they clean the carpets and do the last touch-up on the room before the new tenants move in. So, there is nothing to be scared of with move out cleans.

You Can Do it! Move Out Cleans

Move Out Clean, Person Mopping FloorYes, you can do it. It’s something that lots of people do. Like you’re not the first house cleaner to do a move out clean. There are lots of house cleaners that have come before you, lots of people didn’t know what they were doing, and they learned and found their way.

It is totally good for you to do this. The fact that you asked this question is a super great sign. It says that you care, and you’re interested in education. We have lots of shows that we have created to help you understand and educate you.

There are other people in this space that are also on YouTube. They also have podcasts on how to grow a cleaning business which are absolutely free.

We have a paid learning program over at Savvy Cleaner, where if you want to dig even deeper into it, we can teach you how to set up a business, fill in all the gaps of an existing business, and help you go from cleaning, a start-up cleaning business, to growing a cleaning empire. So, if you want to make a career out of this, we can show you how to do that as well. Check that out at savvycleaner.com.

You’re Capable of Move Out Cleans

Move Out Clean, Woman Organizing ClosetBut as far as you going in and doing a deep clean, it is something you are totally capable of doing. And so, even though this is new for you, we were all new when we got started. Nobody started out knowing how to clean houses. We all started at ground zero.

Like, “Hey, I’m not so sure if I know how to do this,” but we all figured out our way and we all made a go of it. Okay? So, you totally can do this.

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