Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish Product Review

Weiman Granite and Stone Cleaner and Polish is today’s #ProductReview. Ever wonder how to clean Onyx or how to clean quartz countertops? Whether you’re a house cleaner or a doing DIY cleaning, Weiman Granite and Stone Cleaner does the trick.

Watch Angela Brown cleaning in today’s #AskaHouseCleaner as she shows you how to clean granite. (Same process in how to clean travertine countertops.) You’ll also learn other #Cleaning tips on how to care for stone and how to clean marble countertops.

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Listen: Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish Product Review

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Watch: Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish Product Review

How do you clean a granite countertop? That’s a great question, and we’re going to talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

Now, today we’re going to do a product review on one of my favorite products, which is Weiman Granite and Stone Cleaner and Polish. This is an all-in-one cleaner and polish, so you do the work once, it does all the work for you.

Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish

Weiman, Magic Product LineOkay, so Weiman is a company that started back in 1941. The proper name of the company is Weiman Products LLC. They started back in 1941 selling high-end furniture. When the customers would buy furniture, they would receive a little bottle of furniture polish. And the customers went crazy. They were like:  “Give us more of the furniture polish.” So Weiman started selling the furniture polish in the department stores.

Now, this was from 1941 all the way to 2006.

In 2006 Weiman Products, LLC acquired Wright’s, which is a cleaning product for silver and jewelry and metal. And then in 2014, they acquired a whole array of other products you know. Cleaning products like Goo Gone, which is an adhesive remover. And Magic, which cleans stainless steel and leather and wood. And then Gonzo, which is an odor-eliminating gel and beads. In 2015, they acquired Micro-Scientific, LLC. The leading supplier of intermediate surface and high-level disinfectants for the healthcare industry. So, they’ve made a huge investment in their business.

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Safety Data Sheet for Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish

Okay, so now they’re bringing us this all-in-one cleaner and polish. Right, so let’s take a look at the safety data sheet and see, is it safe to use? The good news is, yes, it is.

All right, number one is the information we just talked about, the company, and a little bit about where it came from.

SDS Hazards Warning Savvy Cleaner Spacer


There are no known hazards, boo-yah.

SDS Composition Ingredients Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Composition & Ingredients

Okay, number three, what is the composition? Well, it doesn’t say what the composition is, but there is one statement on file. “This product contains no substances which, at their given concentration, are considered to be hazardous to health.”

SDS First Aid Savvy Cleaner Spacer

First Aid Measures

All right, what are the first aid measures? Well, if it gets in your eyes, rinse your eyes. If it gets in your mouth, rinse your throat and mouth with water. If you breathe it, move to fresh air.

And if it gets on your skin, rinse with fresh water. And if it causes irritability, or you’re sensitive, then seek medical attention.

SDS Fire Safety Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Fire Safety

All right, fire hazards. Well, there are no fire hazards associated with this. But if your house catches fire, please use a regular household fire extinguisher.

SDS Accidental Release Spills Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Accidental Release

Next, spills and accidental release. Okay, if it’s a little jar like this, then you just flush with water. If it’s a bigger spill, you mop it up. Boom.

SDS Storage Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Handling & Storage

Keep in a cool, dry place, and keep away from pets and children.

SDS Exposure Personal Protection Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Exposure Controls

What are the exposure controls? Let’s talk about personal protective equipment if you have sensitive skin. You can wear latex, rubber, nitrile or polyethylene gloves. Those would be your disposable gloves that we wear as house cleaners.

SDS Physical - Chemical Properties Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Physical and Chemical Properties

All right, the physical and chemical properties. It is a colorless product which is kind of clear like water. It’s kind of hazy, and it smells like citrus. And it has a PH balance of 8.2, so it’s a neutral PH. All right, and the stability and reactivity. It’s stable under all normal conditions.

SDS Ecological - Earth Friendly Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Ecological Information

All righty, the ecological information means “Is it kind to the air, land, and sea.”

There are no determined problems with the air, land, sea, soil, any of those things.

SDS Disposal Waste Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Disposal Considerations

And the disposal considerations. When you toss out the empty jug, you want to follow all the local, federal and state regulations.

This means if you have recycling in your area, you follow the recycling rules for where you live.

SDS Transportation Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Transportation Information

And then transport information. This is not regulated by air, land, or sea. So, you can put this in your cleaning caddy and you can take it anywhere you want to go.

SDS Regulatory Compliance Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Regulatory Information

And the regulatory information, it has one statement on file and I’m going to read that for you now.

It says, “This product does not contain any amount of any chemical required to be reported under SARA Title III.” And that’s the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, also known as EPCRA.

So, this is a product that you can feel good about when using it inside your home.

How Does Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish Work?

Weiman, Product DisplayAll right, let’s go take a look and see exactly how it works, and I’m going to show you some tips along the way.

These are my work smart, not hard tools for cleaning the granite countertop.

Now, this is a neutral PH cleaner. Unlike other neutral PH cleaners on the market designed for other surfaces, like hardwood floors.

Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish is for hard porous stone. Stone cleaners clean the little nooks and crannies, cracks and fissures inside the stone.

And instead of just cleaning the surface we want something that’s going to clean and leave a luster.

Check This Weiman Cleaner Out

Weiman, Cleaning Kitchen IslandThe cleaning process is pretty straightforward. I have a ginormous island of granite in the middle of the kitchen. The kitchen has wall-to-wall counters that are also made of granite.

I’m spraying the granite, stone and cleaner polish on top of the granite countertop, and you’ll see that it doesn’t set right in.

Then I’m taking the terry cloth, and I’m going to rub it in a circular motion. And I’m going to push all the granite cleaner into the porous nooks and crannies and crevices that we talked about.

Next, I’m going to rub that into the stone. And that will set for about a minute before I flip the terry cloth over. Then I’ll polish and buff the top of the granite countertop. It’s an easy process.

Notes about Weiman

If you have grease or grime or dirt or stains on the countertop, then you want to let the polish sit for about a minute. Other than that, you can go ahead and just start buffing right away, until you buff it to a dry condition.

If you have to let it dwell, a minute should do the trick. And then you can buff it to a polished state. And then you’re good to go before you can set things back on top of your counter.

Check the Reflection in the Counter Top

Weiman, Kitchen IslandCheck out the reflection of the stainless-steel refrigerator in the granite countertop as we polish it. There’s a remarkable difference from a minute ago until now. Here’s the before, and the after. Isn’t that amazing?

Granite Counter Top Warning

Now, if you spill red wine on a granite counter top and you don’t wipe it up immediately, it can seep into the stone and it can stain it permanently.

If you spill anything, wipe it up immediately, including water. Water can also leave water stains on your granite counter top. Now, granite is expensive. And lots of people will invest in it when they’re going to go sell their home or when they buy a home because it upgrades the value of the home.

People love to have this luxury. Granite is resilient, it’s durable, and it looks fantastic. That said, you have to care for it in a specific way.

Protect Your Counter Top

Weiman, Counter Protection from HeatProtect your granite when cooking.

 So, let’s say that you have one of those plug-in grills. The juice from the grill can drip down. So, you want to have a plate underneath that so it drips in the plate and not on your countertop.

Also, if you have a toaster oven, there’s heat in the toaster oven and stuff can bubble out the sides. Heat can damage the stone. So, you want to put one of those silicone baking mats underneath the toaster oven.

Let’s say you have a crockpot, put a silicone mat under it when in use. These tips will help protect your granite from heat.

Citrus Juice and Alcohol

Weiman, Glass on Coaster Protection on Stone SurfaceAll right, then if you drink alcohol or citrus juice, make sure that you use a coaster. That way if something spills or runs down the outside of your glass, it doesn’t seep into your countertop.

Why Use Weiman Granite and Stone Cleaner and Polish

 All righty, now we’ve had a chance to take a look at the Weiman Granite and Stone Cleaner and Polish.  It’s an all-in-one, super easy to use, super safe, friendly, daily use, product.

It’s got the company information on the back of the bottle. You’ll also find the warning information to keep away from kids and pets.

There is a safety lock on the spray so that it doesn’t accidentally spray in your car as you’re traveling to a customer’s house. It will also prevent kids from getting into it.

Weiman Granite and Stone Gets the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval

Weiman Products, Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish, Savvy Cleaner ApprovedSo, I’m going to give Weiman Granite and Stone Cleaner and Polish the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval.

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