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Angela Brown’s Top 10 Books for 2020

It’s time again for Angela Brown’s Top 10 books for 2020. It’s all about pivoting, navigating a new world, and reinventing your cleaning business.

If you’re ready to take the next step moving forward, this is the book list for you.

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Top 10 Favorite Books for 2020

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Woman Hugging BooksIt’s time for another Angela Brown’s Top 10 Favorite Books for 2020. Now, every year I compile my top 10 favorite books that I’ve read on business, life, and motivation, to help you grow your cleaning business. And this year, it was a little bit different because of the global pandemic we know as the coronavirus.

So the focus for 2020 was not necessarily, how do I build and scale my business, as much as it was, how to take what we’ve done in the past and pivot it into a new world where cleaning and disinfecting have changed the way that we clean forever.

How to reinvent our businesses when half of our customers disappeared. How to reinvent our businesses, when there’s a whole new wave of disinfecting that’s come into the cleaning business.  And then how to communicate with our teams and the new people that we’re hiring.

Book #1 Words That Change Minds

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Words That Change Minds, Shelle Rose CharvetSo, there were a lot of ups and downs in the cleaning industry in 2020. Therefore, these are my favorite books in no particular order to help you navigate these uncertain, shaky waters. Firstly, a book called, Words that Change Minds by Shelly Rose Charvet, and she’s a national best-selling book.

This is an interesting concept about, how do you communicate with people on the way that they want to be communicated with? And so it’s a whole process of matching and mirroring the tonal qualities and the behaviors of the people that you’re speaking to.  To communicate with them in a way that they respond to you.

Because we communicate with people, we want something in exchange, or we’re looking to get something out of them. And we communicate with them on our terms. Her book is all about communicating with people on their terms. This truly is a fascinating book.

Book #2 Chop Wood, Carry Water

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Chop Wood Carry Water - Joshua MedcalfThen the next book is called, Chop Wood, Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf. It’s a fascinating book that’s based on storytelling and illustrates little stories that make you go, “Oh, wait for a second, that applies to me in my business.” But there are things like, don’t get wrapped up in the identity of who you are, because if your situation changes, you don’t want your identity to go away with that.

It’s a book that expresses the importance of taking on the attitude of gratitude for the type of work that you do. And that everyone in the company needs to take responsibility for the different things that are happening, because any time something could crumble, there’s somebody else to pick up the pieces. And so it’s a group collaborative effort in order for everyone to move forward.

So, it’s a fabulous book that I highly recommend. It’s been recommended by lots of people everywhere. But I first heard about it on a podcast and I stopped in the middle of the road. I was out jogging and I bought the book. I was like, “Now that book sounds like something I need to read.” 

Book #3 To-Do List Formula

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, The To Do List Formula - Damon ZaharaidesThe third book is the To-Do List Formula by Damon Zahariades. And it is all about, why to-do list for most people don’t work. How people bump stuff from one list to the next list and how they get far behind instead of accomplishing the tasks on the list. It talks about the difference between paper versus an online to-do list.

And I know that in 2020, I moved from a paper to an online to-do list and it has changed my business entirely. And I love the way that we are able to share to-do lists from person to person to person in our team, as a result of the things that I learned in this book.

So, it’s a great concept about how to take your old fashioned way of making to-do lists and moving it to a new modern way, and why it works.

Book #4 Content Marketing Made Easy

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Content Marketing Made Easy - John NemoAnd the next one is called, Content Marketing Made Easy by John Nemo. Now I started following John a few years ago on podcasts, and I’ve been following his blogs, podcasts, books and all the stuff. This is an interesting book because it talks about, how we reinvent ourselves through content marketing online.

And I’m fascinated about that myself, because we have seen personal growth over the last few years in our own business, by being online and having an online presence. But it turns out that the whole wave of the new world is online marketing. And so you have to figure out a way to come up with new ideas and creative ideas.

This book is chock full of new ideas and techniques that will help you get from here to there. And little different ways that you can tweak it to make the online marketing work for you and help you repurpose your content. So, you’re on a treadmill of constant content creation. A fascinating book and I highly recommend it.

Book #5 Your Best Year Ever

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Your Best Year Ever - Michael HyattThen the next book is by Michael Hyatt called, Your Best Year Ever. Who would have thought that 2020 could be your best year ever? But, this is a book that’s based on having a purpose-driven life.

This filters its way into every choice that you make. And why people quit, and why people fall off the wagon, and why people give up on their dreams. So it’s all about refocusing. And there’s a five-step simple program, where he helps get you back on track and helps you work through burnout to success.

And I tell you, this guy is a genius. I’ve been following his podcasts, his blogs, he’s all over the place. But he is immensely helpful when it comes to helping you create a purpose and then sticking to that purpose to get to your end result.

Book #6 The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - Mike MichalowiczThe next book is The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz. And I’m a huge fan of Mike, he’s written lots of books for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This was no exception.  This is fantastic book about what happens if you are in the restroom and you notice a little too late that there’s no toilet paper left.

How resourceful and how inventive can you be? And I love this concept because that was 2020, for most of us. We found ourselves in a situation saying, “Ah, I should have planned for this better. Ah, I didn’t see that coming. Ah, were there any signs or any writing on the wall that would allude to the possibility of this happening in my business?”

And it’s a whole bunch about how to reinvent your business, even though this was a written before COVID. It really is an excellent book to read during the coronavirus period, when everybody’s business is on its last leg and you’re looking over and you realize you’re out of toilet paper.

Book #7 How to Delegate

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, How to Delegate - Joan HenshawAnd the next book is, How to Delegate by Joan Henshaw. I found this book interesting because as we move through these pandemic times, lots of us are reinventing our businesses. There are lots of things that we cannot do as a small business operator, because we’ve either overcommitted ourselves, or we need the time to reinvent the business and hire more people and do all the tasks that were at one time in place.

And so delegating becomes super important, because there are little tasks that you are probably good at, but they’re not a priority to you. This book helps you decide in 10 minutes.

It’s a very short book and in very simple terms explains here are the things that you can outsource and here’s why to outsource them. And here’s why it makes no sense for you to do them yourself. So this book is worth checking out.

Book #8 Memory Rescue

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Memory Rescue - Dr. Daniel AmenThe next book is Memory Rescue by Dr. Daniel Amen. This book was of interest to me, particularly because I had the coronavirus, and my brain did not work like it always has. And it threw me into high gear like, “Oh, wait for a second, what happens if I’m a business owner and my brain fails me.”

So, I went on this mission and found this book. Daniel Amen has written lots of books about the brain and the scans of people’s brains. And then he does studies and changes their diet, their nutrition, exercise and a variety of lifestyle factors, but then also repairs and fixes their broken brains.

It’s a fascinating book, but it’s already changed my diet and a few daily habits that I have to get well again. And then also to continue through my older years with a very healthy, active brain. 

Book #9 The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System - Mike PettigrewThe next book on my Top 10 Favorite Books for 2020 is, The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World by Mike Pettigrew, he’s a best-selling author, whose bought and sold 15 different businesses. You’ve probably seen him on TV, heard him on the podcast, and read his books.

What he does is, he teaches you how to find a purpose-driven life, as well as how to set goals and then achieve those goals. Lots of people will set goals and those goals turn into dreams. And a dream without achievement is just a dream.

It’s not a goal with an accomplishment at the end. And so the accomplishment and the reward at the end is what he drives us toward. And he shows us exactly how to do it.

Book #10 Flip the Script

Angela Brown's Top 10 Books 2020, Flip the Script - Oren KlaffMy last Favorite Book for our Top 10 list of 2020 is a book called, Flip the Script by Oren Klaff. Now, is all a book about persuasion, not manipulation. And during coronavirus 2020, you know that lots of people lost their businesses. And so now we have to force ourselves to go out and get more business.

Sometimes it sounds pushy and sometimes it sounds manipulative and all these things.  But the reality is we can become persuasive and get people to want to do business with us in a way that is meaningful and long-term. 

Those are my, Top 10 Favorite Books for 2020. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. The whole focus of this year was getting from where we were, to where we need to be. These books will take you there.0 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Savvy Cleaner

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