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Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style Man vacuums carpetSpeed cleaning vacuum style – should you vacuum fast or vacuum slow?

We Ask a House Cleaner if speed cleaning vacuum style is good for the carpets or just the house cleaner in a hurry to go to the next job.

Get a good quality vacuum with lots of suction to pick up stuff. Vacuum your carpets and vacuum rugs as part of regular maintenance. How fast should you vacuum depends on your level of skill. You can be effective and produce quality work if you have a good vacuum and pay attention to what you’re doing.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style

Speed cleaning while vacuuming. Should you vacuum fast or should you vacuum slow? We’re going to talk about that today.

Today’s question comes from a house cleaner who wants to know, “Should I be doing speed cleaning while I’m vacuuming or should I slow down? Does my vacuum pick up more stuff if I go slow than if I go fast? And I vacuum really fast! What’s the answer?”

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Can You Help Me with Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style?


Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style House Cleaner picks up crumbs with Bissell Power EdgeNow, I get to help you find an answer. That’s what I promise. I never promised you the answer. I am proud to help you find an answer and I don’t have an answer to this question.

I’ve reached out to some vacuum manufacturers to see if they could answer that question for me, and I’m waiting on my responses back from them.

I’m reaching out now to you, what is the right way to vacuum a carpet? Do you have a true proven method to prove speed cleaning vacuum style is effective or not?

We know that rugs and carpets do better when they’re vacuumed regularly. So, my guess is that if you speed clean vacuum style, with a quality vacuum, you’re good. If you have a good vacuum that has great suction, as you vacuum over the carpet, it’s going to pick up the stuff whether you go fast or whether you go slow. It’s got to have great suction power, and you want to avoid making common vacuum mistakes.

And if you vacuum two to three times a week as most homeowners do (You do vacuum three times a week. Right?) Then even if you have a slight miss, you’ll pick up the debris or carpet soil on the next session.

Regular Vacuum Sessions Keep Soil to a Minimum

Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style vacuumingIf there’s pet hair, dander, dust and stuff like that, you’re going to be picking up a lot of that with each pass. And if it misses, you might pick it up on the next go around a couple of days later. You don’t need separate vacuums for pet hair, you just need to vacuum often.

Regular vacuuming also prolongs the life of your carpets.

If you’re a maid and you’ve got a bi-weekly customer, I don’t know that speed cleaning vacuum style makes a big difference. Vacuuming period makes a difference.

In house cleaning training we teach maids and house cleaners to be efficient and effective.

If you’re just speed cleaning, but the quality of your work is suffering, then you haven’t done anyone any favors by racing through your tasks.

But if you are efficient at cleaning and you are effective, then you don’t have to repeat your tasks. Or come back to activate a satisfaction guarantee.

Work Smart Not Hard

Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style boiling waterSo, if something is already clean, don’t clean it again.

The more you clean something, it doesn’t make it any cleaner.

Now, if you have a flashlight go look over the countertops. If you’ve wiped everything down, you’re done.  You’ve sanitized everything, there are no crumbs, and you’ve checked your work. You’re not going to make it any cleaner by going over it again.

It’s like boiling water. If you keep boiling the water, it doesn’t boil it anymore. Once it’s reached a certain temperature, it’s boiling.

It’s the same concept in cleaning. If you’ve vacuumed the floor and it’s clean, going over it again or going slow may not produce any better results.

Speed Clean Vacuum Style – And Watch your Lines

Speed Cleaning Vacuum Style cleaned areas showing carpet linesThe key to accuracy is to make the lines on the carpet so that you can see where you’ve been. If you’ve missed some steps, go back and do that part again. That’s the right way to vacuum. But the carpet thing is fun because then we can see where we’ve been and we can see our progress. Then vacuum your way out of a room so that you don’t track stuff back in over that carpet.

Vacuuming fast or slow, what’s the answer?  I don’t know, I really don’t. I love the question. If you have an answer, do share.

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