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Remove Aluminum Foil From Oven

How to remove aluminum foil (tin foil) from the bottom of your oven. Got burned on gunk that you can’t seem to get off? Here are some simple tricks that professional house cleaners use to make the cleaning process a breeze.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

How to Get Aluminum Foil Unstuck From the Oven

Remove Aluminum Foil, Dirty OvenHow do you get aluminum foil unstuck from the bottom of your oven? There was a caller that called into the show and she asked this question. “Is there a way to remove the aluminum foil that was stuck on the bottom of an oven?”

All right, so aluminum foil stuck to the bottom of the oven. What is that all about? All right. What that comes down to is a lot of people don’t want the hassle of trying to scrape gunk that’s fallen from food onto the bottom of the oven so they line the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil, also known as tinfoil. Now, my mother did it. My grandmother did it. It was a great idea.

But if you cook apple pies or you cook yams or things that tend to ooze and are bubbly when you’re cooking, when that seeps down out of the pan and it hits the bottom tray of the oven, what happens is it creates a gel. And then because it’s bubbling and oozing. Then that bakes like caramelization, and so it locks the aluminum foil onto the bottom surface of the oven and it makes it almost impossible to get up the aluminum foil. So I know where you’re coming from on that.

The Process of Removing Aluminum Foil

Remove Aluminum Foil, Man Cleaning OvenAll right, so the first thing that I want to recommend, and I don’t have any baked-on aluminum foil that I can show you, so what I’m going to show you is I’m going to take a regular piece of aluminum foil, and I’m going to weight it down by a quarter, and then I’m going to show you the process.

But here’s the process to remove it. We’re going to take a cup and we’re going to fill this about half full of water so that we have about five or six ounces worth of water inside a cup. And we’re going to add a couple of drops of dishwashing soap.

Now this concept goes back to, do you remember when you had an icky pan and it wasn’t going to come to clean very easily so you soaked the pan so that it would then loosen the gunk that was in there and it would be easy to clean up? We’re going to do the same process with the bottom of the oven.

Clear Out the Oven to Soak it

Remove Aluminum Foil, Angela Brown Pouring Soap and WaterWe’re going to take all the racks out, and then we’re going to take our hot water with the dish soap in it, and we’re going to pour it on top of the area where there is aluminum foil and it’s baked onto the bottom of the oven.

Now, there’s a very small lip that keeps the water from running out of the oven, and so we don’t want to use a lot of water because we don’t want the water to fall down and run down the sides of the cabinets or whatever. But what we do want to do is we want to soak that area with aluminum foil.

Now, once it’s soaked for a few minutes, inside my apron, I have a double-sided razor. This razor has two colors on it. It has orange, which allows for a regular razor. That’s a metal razor. And then on the other side, which is a black button, it has a plastic razor.

Why You Want to Use a Plastic Razor

Remove Aluminum Foil, Angela Brown With Plastic BladeWe’re going to use the plastic razor on the bottom of the oven. Here’s the reason why. If I use the muddle razor, it will scrape up the aluminum foil, but it will also remove the enamel from the bottom of my oven. So we’re going to use the plastic razor to go right underneath the edge of that and to lift that off after we’ve soaked it for a little bit.

That will remove the aluminum foil from the bottom of your oven, and then you can start all over again with the cleaning process.

Give Silicone Oven Liners a Try

Remove Aluminum Foil, Non-Stick Heavy Duty Oven LinersAll right, that said, I want to let you know about silicone oven liners. What that is, is a plastic sheet, and this replaces the aluminum foil. And so it’s just very thick. It’s like a piece of tarp, but it is made of silicone and it is designed specifically for the bottom of ovens because it can withstand temperatures that are 400 or 500 degrees and it won’t melt.

And so what happens is, after you’ve cleaned the bottom of the oven, I’ll leave links in the show notes to these so that you can see them and you can get some, if you would like them, they slide right in the bottom of the oven when your oven is clean.

Then what happens when you make a mess and stuff falls down and you cook and you bake and your yams and your apple pie and all that stuff ooze out onto here, what you do is you lift it out, you bend it a little bit, you take your silicone baking sheet over to the garbage can, you dump it off and then you can wash this with a regular sponge inside your kitchen sink.

Let the Oven Air Dry After You Rinse it Out

Remove Aluminum Foil, Angela Brown With Dirty Oven LinerLet it air dry or you can dry it with a towel and then place it back inside the oven. So it’s completely reusable. So it’s worth the price and because nothing ever sticks to it, it’s not going to stick to the bottom of your oven. And so the process for using aluminum foil is no longer. You won’t need that anymore.

So for professional house cleaners worldwide, we’ve all switched to using oven liners. And one of the things that we do is we bill it into the cost of the oven cleanings that we do for our customers.

This way, from now on, it’s going to be easy for the rest of our lives in order to replace that and wipe down the oven, or what have you, and it doesn’t take hours to do that process and it doesn’t take harsh chemicals. So that is how you clean up the aluminum foil from the bottom of your oven.

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