A degreaser works like magic when it comes to removing grease, oils, and other types of grime, gunk, and stubborn stains.

Industrial concentrates can save the professional a lot of money rather than buy ready-to-use solutions.

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 Spitfire Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Dissolves and lifts stubborn stains like graffiti, ink, crayon, and permanent marker without damaging the surface.

This degreaser gets rid of grease, oils, and gunk from kitchen surfaces including food stains.

Say goodbye to scuffs, heel marks, tar, gum and rubber marks from tile and hardwood floors.

Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

Easy to use, spray on and wipe off

Strong and fast acting degreaser for the toughest jobs

Residue-free application

Smells great

Breaks down the toughest grease

Citrol Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser

Citrol Concentrate degreaser is a heavy-duty, emulsifier.  It is industrial strength and can be diluted with water. Citrol is biodegradable and can be used in almost any industrial, transportation or general plant maintenance cleaning. Citrol Concentrate is an excellent replacement for hazardous aliphatic, aromatic, chlorinated, fluorocarbon, alkaline, acidic or petroleum solvent base cleaners and degreasers.

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Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Cleaner, degreaser, and spot remover all-in-one

No Acid, No Ammonia, No Bleach, No Phosphorous

Safe for septic tanks

Concentrated – Dilute with water

UltraOne G-5 & Heavy Duty Degreaser

Chosen by the New York port authority to clean the Holland and Lincoln tunnels

Free of phosphates nonirritant nonvolatile non-flammable

Cleans all surfaces and materials and harms none (test spot recommended)

Cleans sanitizes, deodorizes all in one step

Eco Orange Super Concentrate Degreaser

Eco Orange for the toughest and grimmest stains.  The heavy-duty formula includes orange oil (D-Limonene), alkaline builders and biodegradable surfactants.

 No unpleasant fumes, chemical off-gassing or harmful residue. All-natural, all-purpose, safe and effective cleaner. There are no dyes, phosphates, butyl, toxins, acids, caustics, bleach, ammonia, solvents, VOCs, etc. Never tested on animals.

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