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Green Direct Plastic Reusable Heavy Duty Poly Aprons for Women & Men White

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The possibilities are endless with Green Direct Plastic Reusable/Disposable Heavy Duty Poly Aprons!

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The possibilities are endless with Green Direct Plastic Reusable/Disposable Heavy Duty Poly Aprons!

Green Direct Plastic Reusable/Disposable Heavy Duty Poly Aprons (25-pack, White)

3 mil thick & extra-long, this 25-count box of plastic aprons are conveniently disposable yet uniquely reusable. Plus, they’re individually packed in a handy box that doubles as a dispenser.

Want an affordable, hassle-free way to stay clean & covered during housework? Looking for a way to cut waste & save money at your hotel or restaurant? Do both with these Plastic Disposable Aprons by Green Direct.

* 25 aprons
* 28 in x 48 in
* Extra-long ties
* Accommodates any size
* Resists liquids, grease & oils
* White

Ultra-Thick, Reusable Construction

Average plastic cooking aprons are only 1 mil thick, often ripping in just 1 use. Your bulk disposable aprons are an incredible 3 mil thick – that’s 3X more durable than the other guys. Use 1 apron multiple times (saves money) & toss it when you’re done (saves time). Plus, they’re extra-long to cover more & keep you cleaner.

Designed for Maximum Hygiene

The convenience of these white poly aprons starts in the very packaging. Individually packed, they’re neatly folded in a dispenser-like box. Now you can pull 1 out without having to touch the next. Stay efficient & sanitary – all while saving space in your cabinet or drawer. Plus, the box itself is durable, keeping your aprons safe & dry.

Best of All, Their Uses Are Virtually Endless:

* Cooking
* Household chores
* Crafts
* Outdoor work
* Nursing homes
* Schools
* Catering services
* And much more

Quality Guaranteed

If your reusable aprons are damaged in any way, we’ll send you a fast & free replacement. Perfect for business & personal use.

  • Reusable Design: Your poly aprons are an ultra-durable, 3 mil thick – 3X thicker than ordinary disposable aprons. Incredibly rip-resistant & waterproof. Reuse again & again.
  • Longer Length: Economy polyethylene aprons lack sufficient coverage. Your reusable aprons are extra-long to keep you clean from neck to knee. Plus, they feature extended ties for a secure, comfy fit.
  • Convenient, Pop-Up Dispenser: Individually packed in a space-saving box, your plastic aprons are dispensed 1 at a time. Quick, easy & completely sanitary. Great for cooking & serving.
  • 25 Aprons, Countless Uses: From home to commercial use, these disposable smocks are perfect for cleaning, painting, restaurants, labs & more. Even tough enough for gardening & farming.
  • Fast, Free Replacements: If you experience any issues at all, we’ll send you a new box of thick disposable aprons absolutely free.