3M Rust and Paint Remover


3M Rust and Paint Remover works quicker, lasts longer and cuts faster than conventional sandpaper!

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3M Rust and Paint Remover works quicker, lasts longer and cuts faster than conventional sandpaper!

3M Rust and Paint Remover

3M Paint and Rust Stripper removes rust, scale and old paint from metal with exceptional ease. This slightly flexible disc uniformly grinds or sands over contoured or curved surfaces for greater consistency. It attaches easily to a standard electric drill – the drill does much of the work, saving effort and boosting efficiency. Paint and rust strippers come in both heavy and light duty options.

Strip Away Old Paint and Corrosion with Ease

3M Paint and Rust Stripper works quicker, lasts longer and cuts faster than conventional sandpaper to strip away corrosion, scale and old finishes. Made from durable, non-woven synthetic material, this rust and paint remover makes a tough job faster and easier – it cleans away surface corrosion to reveal the surface below. Silicon carbide abrasives fracture easily to expose sharp edges for aggressive grinding that speeds removal of rust and scale. The paint and rust stripper may be used on fiberboard, plastics, wood, clear coat, fiberglass, filler, metal, paint, and putty.

Simply attach this disc to an electric drill with a 1/4-inch mandrel and apply directly to corrosion or old paint for fast removal. The power of the electric drill saves a lot of time and effort compared with sanding by hand.

A Handy Accessory in the Dent Repair Process

This automotive paint stripper and rust remover accessory is often used for dent repair projects. It will cleanly strip away paint and clean away rust in preparation for filling the dent with auto body filler. It makes quick work of removing paint and leaves a good surface for filler or repainting.

Using Science to Make Life Easier

3M has used the science behind synthetic materials to help you bring your vehicles back to life. This paint and rust stripper is an excellent tool for automotive repair and restoration, and part of a long 3M tradition – helping true auto enthusiasts get the most from their work, and from the finished result.

  • Attaches easily to an electric drill
  • Made from tough, non-woven synthetic material
  • Flexible – won’t rust or splinter
  • Can also be used for sanding wood, fiberboard, and plastics

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