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Password Vault for House Cleaners

A password vault for house cleaners is necessary for emergency planning and personal documentation. What happens to your cleaning company if you die or become trapped in the hospital? Housekeepers should never write their account information down in a book!

Maids with a power of attorney need them to have easy access to private records. And a personal representative using a password manager can manage your affairs with ease.

House cleaners use Keeper Security. Keeper makes storing legal documents, passwords, and employee records for your maid service easy.

Using online security vaults is actually safer for cleaning business owners and their families. With just one password, you have secure access to everything you need.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

A Password Vault for House Cleaners

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Metal SafeHave you ever wondered about a password vault for your house cleaning business?  You could use a password vault called Keeper Security. All your employees and independent contractors would also have an account.

What the password vault does is it allows you to log in and lock in all your sensitive information. That way you don’t have to have post-it notes lying around with your passwords to your different social media accounts and your bank account. And the accounts to all your vendors and all the websites that you log in for.

It’s helpful as a business owner to have your passwords organized. And even if you’re not a business owner it’s also very helpful to you to get your affairs in order.

Use a Password Vault in Worst-Case Scenarios

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Woman in HospitalSo during the coronavirus scare, there are a lot of house cleaners that as we are staying home asking this question, “What happens if I catch the virus? What happens if I catch the virus do my family members know where all my information from my business is?”

So with a password vault for house cleaners what you do is you go inside and you login your information. You log the websites you use for business and your passwords.

Use Notes in Your Password Vault

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Confused Woman at ComputerNow there’s also a section in there called notes and its important that in the notes you make a note that says, “This is the company that we used. We’ve been using them since such and such a date.”

List the date,  that it renews every single month. And then add any other special information that you want to include. Now, if your company has numerous websites, you may want to say this. “We use this hosting company for six of our websites and the other two are used with,” and then name the other company.

Because what happens if something were to happen to you and a family member had to log into your password vault? Then they wouldn’t know which accounts went with what.

You Can Keep Your Bank Information in Your Password Vault

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Sensitive DataAnother piece of information you might want to include are things like your EIN number for your bank account. Or the routing information for your bank account and the bank account number.

Do you have a personal bank account versus a business bank account? You want to list both of those as two separate entries in your password manager. So it might be the same bank but you would have a folder for the bank. Then you would have your separate accounts underneath that folder.

So you would have entries underneath that folder as separate records. And that way you would list where the bank is, the phone number of the bank, any of the information that you need.

You Can Keep Personal Information in Your Password Vault

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Woman at ComputerAnother piece of interesting information you could add in there would be like your driver’s license number. Have when it expires and the number on your driver’s license. You might even want to take a picture and add it in there which you can also do. Add pictures of your driver’s license or your credit cards or any of that information to keep you safe.

You could also take a picture of your passport or your global entry identification information. If anything should happen to you and you don’t have accessibility to that information. Let’s say that you’re in the hospital and, your family is looking for the hospital records, you could list your doctor’s information and your medical information. These things can be added to your password vault that is completely protected from everyone else.

Use Password Vaults to Stay Organized

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Man and Lock on ComputerSo instead of having this information lying around your desk. Don’t keep pieces of paper and documents and stuff that’s strewn about. With a password vault, you only have to remember one password. The one password unlocks your vault.

Once you unlock that vault you have everything synchronized and categorized and organized. Whether it’s social media accounts, bank accounts, or your payroll. It might be you have a different account for each of your employees and all the different information that you have.

And you could also run tallies if you had to write them up on a certain day. That way you have an electronic version of your employee files.

Keep a Password Vault in Case Something Were to Happen to You

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Family FuneralSo, you can keep everything in there as a way to make sure that whoever needs to access it if something were to happen to you. And everyone is asking themselves this question because right now they are in a pandemic that is worldwide and health is of the issue.

And so everyone is asking, “What happens if I catch the virus and what happens if it’s fatal?” Well if it’s fatal there should be one other person that has access to that information.

And so if they were able to access that information then any recurring payments are not going to keep getting billed. Because that person can log in and disconnect the accounts that are billing you.

Have a Password Vault and Keep Your Affairs in Order

Password Vault for House Cleaners, Man and Woman Looking at ComputerSo, a password vault will help you get your affairs in order, and they’re very inexpensive.

But if you don’t have something like this there are memberships that include five family members. You could have a membership for your business account, for all your employees and independent contractors. Then you could have a separate account for yourself and your family which has your personal information in it.

And inside that, there’s a password to the other vault in case your family need to get in that other vault and find out all the information. It’s a great super savvy move to make sure that all your affairs are in order. So, take a look at it during this time where you have a little bit more time on your hands.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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