OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Savvy Cleaner Approved

11 Startling Ways to Use the OXO Deep Clean Brush Set

In today’s OXO Deep Clean Brush Set we cover 11 startling ways to use the OXO Deep Clean Brush set. It’s true. Gift of Oxo Deep Clean Brush Set From cleaning to detailing, we show you why every housekeeper needs the #OXO brushes.

This OXO Deep Clean Brush Set product review shows you why we replace old toothbrushes for cleaning.

OXO Good Grips are a favorite of every janitor for commercial cleaning, and maids for housekeeping.

Angela Brown in this OXO Deep Clean Brush Set product review shows you some time-saving house cleaning hacks. And then you’ll know why this is the hottest gift this holiday season.

Today’s #AskaHouseCleaner sponsors are Savvy Cleaner. (Training and certification for house cleaners and maids.) And Turnover Cleaning Tips (House cleaning tips for VRBO and Airbnb Hosts.)

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What is one of your favorite cleaning tools? That’s a great question, and we’re going to talk about that today.

Hi, there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

Now, today we’re going to do a product review on two of my favorite products from OXO, and it is the deep brush cleaning set. These are two tiny little brushes that I’m going to show you how we use them, and what they’re designed for.

How I Learned About OXO Deep Clean Brush Set

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set and Old ToothbrushWay back in the olden days when I started my company, all we had for cleaning brushes were toothbrushes.

Toothbrushes have soft nylon bristles so you don’t damage your gums. They are not designed for heavy-duty cleaning on things like grout.

And when the dental association replaced hard bristles to soft – I went in search of new cleaning tools.

There’s More Than Just the OXO Deep Clean Brush Set

OXO Baking EquipmentAll right, now, OXO‘s been around for 25 years. And they’re an amazing company. They have all kinds of interesting things, from cooking to bakeware.  They even have a children’s line with bottle brushes that you use to clean out a baby bottle, silicone bibs, and even potty chairs.

Now, their specialty is they have good grips. Everything that they have with a handle on it has a good grip. The grips are made of silicone or some kind of a durable resin. And they design all handles with ergonomics in mind. The handles and grips are comfortable reducing fatigue on your hands and joints as you grip.

So, they’ve got a whole entire line of products. Check it out, there’s more than you suspect.

Behind the Scenes of OXO, You’ll Find

OXO is a subsidiary of Helen of Troy (a publicly traded company) which owns many of your favorite brands of household goods.

And OXO is emerging into the cleaning market with some products that are quickly becoming my favorites.

Let’s take a look at some ways we use these durable brushes and I’ll show you some fast household cleaning hacks along the way.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Small Enough to Carry Everywhere

Compared to a toothbrush the OXO Deep Clean Brush Set is smaller in size and fits in the cargo pants you wear for house cleaning. Or if you wear a cleaning apron, they fit in any pocket so you always have them with you.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Keyboards

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, KeyboardNow, if you’re like me, you have keyboards in your house, and using the smaller of the two brushes, I like to clean the keyboards with this brush.

The bristles on the smaller brush are a bit softer than those on the larger brush.  There are four rows of bristles, the two on the outside are smaller than the two in the middle, which create a triangular pattern. This pointy brush makes it easy to run your brush between all the different rows of the keyboards. You can brush away the food and crumbs and junk that might have fallen in there when no one was looking.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Six-Panel Doors

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, 6 panel DoorAnother great use for the Oxo smaller brush is the corners of six-panel doors. After you’ve dusted the door, a lot of times there’ll be junk, dust, gunk that has settled in the corners. This little triangular brush is super in the corners by just brushing in an outward position. This technique allows you to clean out all the gunk without soap and water.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Auto Detailing

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, auto detailingAnother great use for the smaller of the two brushes is detailing your car. The smaller of the two brushes with the triangular top is great for the area between the door and the window where the window rolls up and down.

Also, in the little buttons in the door that control the power locks, doors, and seats.  Those buttons also tend to collect a lot of gunk.

On the opposite end of the smaller brush, there is a little orange piece which is like a little spatula. I use the spatula to dig out bits of food and grime that have settled in the buttons and around the intricate areas of the dashboard.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for AC Vents

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, AC VentsAnother great use for the larger of the two brushes is cleaning the vent on the overhead air conditioning vents.

A lot of the air filters will collect dust and grime. And although we can change the air filter, the grime settles on the little grates. And that’s often difficult to get out. But with the larger of the two brushes, you can clean them without any extra soap or water.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Washing Machine Doors

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, auto detailingWashing machines and dryers also collect a lot of gunk right inside the door. And with the smaller of the two brushes, that triangular brush head is great for getting in all the little nooks and crannies.  All sorts of gunk collect and we’re talking soap, grime, and lint.

The spatula end of the smaller brush is perfect for corners and between the door hinges.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Sinks

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Under Rim of SinkOne of my favorite uses for both of the brushes in the bathroom sink. There’re all kinds of grime that just builds up around the bathroom sink, whether it’s toothpaste or it’s soap or its junk or whatever.

The first thing that you want to do is you want to get the areas where the sink meets the granite.

There’s a lot of grime that builds up underneath there, even though you cannot see it. So, you want to just run your brushes underneath there. Then I turn the smaller of the two brushes around and use the rubber spatula part to clean up under the rim. I wipe the loose gunk with a paper towel.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Sink Drains

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Around FaucetNow, while we’re here in the sink, I want to take the smaller of the brushes, and I want to clean the drain. This is where we spit our toothpaste out, it’s where we wash soap down the drain. It collects all kinds of stuff and bacteria and often creates a little pink ring. The brush brushes that out without any extra chemicals.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Faucets

Now, we’ve just sprayed the back of the sink, so I’m going to use the larger of the two brushes. And I’m going to clean around the faucets and behind the faucet, and the area where the solid surface countertop meets the backsplash.

And now, here, I’m going to do a mulligan while I have this small brush in my hand. I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to clean the electric toothbrush on the sink. Electric toothbrush bases are always nasty, and it always looks better after it’s clean.

Then I’m going to wipe everything down, and voila! The sink is as good as new with the help of these two brushes.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Grout

 OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, GroutNow, we talked about the larger of the two brushes replacing the toothbrush for grout. Let me show you what I mean.

I’m using just a mixture of OxiClean and water. And I’m using the larger of the two brushes, which has a flat head. And that brushes right into the groove of the grout. Then we’ll leave this for a couple of minutes, we’re going to have spectacular looking grout.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Window Sills

 OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Window sillNow, not part of regular maintenance cleaning is the window sills between where the window and the screen meet.

But there’s usually a lot of junk and debris there. If you clean window sills and ledges during a deep clean here’s how to do it.

  1. You’ll want to remove the screen first.
  2. Vacuum out the debris with the hose of your vacuum.
  3. Spray the ledge and window track with a multi-purpose cleaner to loosen the debris.
  4. Use both OXO Deep Clean Brush Set brushes starting with the largest brush first.
  5. Scrub as much of the window track as possible
  6. Use the smaller brush for the corners.
  7. Use the spatula end wrapped in a paper towel to dig out all the corners and gunk in the window track.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Shower Doors

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Shower DoorAnd how can we forget about the shower door? Ugh, it’s usually nasty. And this is a two-brush job, as well. We’re going to remove the mat first so we don’t leak any cleaning solution on it.

  1. Then we’ll spray the area at the bottom of the shower door track.
  2. We’re going to start with the larger of the two brushes and we’ll scrub all the largest areas first. The bottom of the shower door, and the seams it connects to when the door is closed. And we’ll also brush the fiberglass connector piece that holds the door in place.
  3. Once the shower door seams are clean, we’ll use the smaller of the brushes. With the spatula edge wrapped in a paper towel, we’ll dig out the groves filled with spray solution and grime.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set for Vacuum Attachments

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Vacuum AttachmentsDid you know you can clean all the bristles in the vacuum attachments with these cleaning tools as well? It’s true.

Well, first, you clean out all the hair or any big strings, or pieces of garbage. Then you can use either of your brushes to brush the brushes and the edges of your vacuum attachments.

This removes all the hair, dust, debris, anything that’s caught to make your vacuum attachments look as good as new.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Are Easy to Clean

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Product Review, Washing the brushesThe brushes are super easy to clean. You can either soak them in just a cup of hot dishwater, or you can put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher for a cycle.  Or you can just run them under hot water and brush the brushes against each other to loosen any debris that may have stuck in the bristles.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Are Affordable

Alrighty, now that you’ve seen how I use these brushes, I’m sure you can understand why they’re a couple of my favorite.

With the price tag of $6 or $7 for a set of two, it’s a little bit more expensive than a cheap toothbrush. But they’re going to last you forever. It’s a great investment in your cleaning business and every cleaning caddy needs a set.

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set Make Great Gifts

Average Price 6-10They also make great gifts, so, if you have a house cleaner in your life, don’t forget to pick up a set for them, as well.

To every house cleaner, every maid service, every Airbnb, every homeowner with nooks and crannies to clean – these are your tools.

Now, I’m going to give this set, this set, the Savvy Cleaner seal of approval. And I want to hear all about your experience with these. If you use this set, leave your comments in the notes below, because I want to hear all about it. I want to see if you’re a fan of the little OXO brushes.

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