Krud Kutter Product Review, Angela Brown Holding Krud Kutter in Front of Grill

Original Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser Product Review

Check out this Original Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser #ProductReview

We’ll show you a demo on how to remove tough kitchen grease. You’ll also see Angela Brown test Krud Kutter with household products like makeup foundation. She’ll also clean up lipstick, shoe polish, permanent marker, and eyeliner.

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Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser Product Review

Krud Kutter Product Review, Original Krud Kutter Bottle by Baseboard Trim“What one product can I use on lots of things so I don’t need lots of products in my cleaning caddy?”

You Only Need Krud Kutter

To answer the question, let’s look the degreaser, a cleaner and a stain remover, known as Krud Kutter Original. This is the concentrated version.

You might even have some of this inside your house, but it’s helpful to be familiar with it. Think of it as a go-to solution for lots of things.

Pro Tip: Buy the Gallon Size of Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter Product Review, Original Krud Kutter Gallon and BottlesNow, this particular bottle is a concentrate, so when you buy it, it’s going to be impossible to get the lid off. This has a foolproof, kid-proof lid that you cannot unscrew to dilute.  So, buy the gallon of the Original Krud Kutter if you plan to dilute it.

When you buy the gallon of the Krud Kutter, dilute it 10-to-1. That’s 10 parts water to one part Krud Kutter. It creates 44 containers that you can then use on a variety of different surfaces. All you’ll have to do is keep it in spray bottles so it’s ready to use.

You Can Use the Original Krud Kutter on A Lot of Things

When you dilute Krud Kutter, you can use it on glass, mirrors, and vinyl flooring.

It removes scuff marks from varnished wood. You can use it on baseboards and window seals.

Krud Kutter even removes fingerprints from six-panel doors. It’s great for bathrooms and toilets, and the floor around the toilets. It’s great for ceramic tile.

There are so many different things you can use this on. It even works on tough greasy surfaces. Krud Kutter works on barbecue grills, burnt-on oven grease, or stainless steel appliances.

Safety First!

Let’s look at the safety data sheets, so we know what it’s made of and how to stay safe when using it.

SDS Info - Identification Savvy Cleaner SpacerA Little Background Info

Krud Kutter Product Review, Angela Brown Holding Original Krud Kutter Bottle with Rust-Oleum LogoDid you know that the Original Krud Kutter has its headquarters in Vernon, Illinois?

Rustoleum manufactures Krud Kutter in the United States. They have been around since 1921, and they specialize in coating surfaces. So, it’s no surprise that they have an entire line of cleaning products to help protect those coated surfaces. So, the Rustoleum company makes Krud Kutter. Who knew?


SDS Hazards Warning Savvy Cleaner SpacerHazards

Every cleaning product has hazards associated with it. The two associated with this are skin and eye irritation. So, you do not want to get this in your eyes or on your skin without washing and flushing with water when you’re done.

SDS Composition Ingredients Savvy Cleaner SpacerWhat’s Inside Krud Kutter?

So, what’s inside Krud Kutter? Well, it’s actually made of a trade-secret formula, so we don’t know. We do know that it has ethoxylated alcohols in it. Those are in commercial cleaning products as a surfactant. It also has sodium metasilicate, which is a chemical compound. It is non-flammable, nonexplosive, and non-toxic.

SDS First Aid Savvy Cleaner Spacer

First Aid Measures

It doesn’t have any weird fumes at all, but if it does bother you, then move to fresh air.

And if you ingest it, less than one ounce won’t cause you any harm. If you drink larger amounts of it, flush with water and seek medical attention if necessary.

SDS Fire Safety Savvy Cleaner SpacerFire Safety

Well, there are no unusual fire or explosion hazards noted. It’s a nonflammable product.

SDS Accidental Release Spills Savvy Cleaner SpacerSpills

If there are accidental spills, contain the spilled material. Then remove the spilled stuff with absorbent material.

SDS Storage Savvy Cleaner SpacerStorage and Handling

Store it in a well ventilated, dry place. And keep the container closed when not in use so it does not evaporate.

SDS Exposure Personal Protection Savvy Cleaner Spacer

The Exposure Controls

For prolonged use, use nitrile gloves, and the makers suggest safety glasses. Prolonged use means working in a chemical manufacturing company. And you are working around Krud Kutter all day, every day. For regular house cleaning, the gloves and safety glasses are probably not even necessary.

SDS Physical - Chemical Properties Savvy Cleaner SpacerPhysical and Chemical Properties

Krud Kutter is is a clear liquid. It’s water-based, and there are no strong fumes. Krud Kutter is on the greater side, of the pH scale, of 12.4

SDS Stability - Reactivity Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Stability and Reactivity

The product is stable under normal conditions. But, it is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids and strong alkalis. So, don’t mix this with any other products.

SDS Toxicity Sickness Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Toxicological Information

The toxicological warnings say to avoid over exposure.

SDS Ecological - Earth Friendly Savvy Cleaner Spacer

Ecological Information

The ecological information, the product is a mixture of listed components.

SDS Disposal Waste Savvy Cleaner SpacerDisposal Considerations

Of course, you want to dispose of the material under your local, state and federal regulations. Recycle the jug when you’re done. Just like you do with all the other jugs that you recycle because you’re a good, upstanding citizen.

SDS Transportation Savvy Cleaner SpacerTransportation Information

Krud Kutter is not a regulated product, so if you want, you can ship this to friends all across the globe. So, when your friends from Facebook say, “Hey, can you send me some of that?” You can say, “Yes, I can,” and then you can ship it to them.

SDS Regulatory Compliance Savvy Cleaner SpacerRegulatory Information

The are no SARA 313 components in this product.

No TSCA, which is the Toxic Substance Control Act, components exist in this product.

Krud Kutter Is a Safer Choice Product

Krud Kutter Product Review, Many Krud Kutter Products This is a Safer Choice product. Less than 1% of all the companies that apply for the Safer Choice Sale of Approval receive it.

That means Safer Choice is just as effective as all the other products with harsher chemicals. But it’s designed for the environment and it’s biodegradable. So, this is a product that you can feel good about and feel good about keeping inside your home.

All the Amazing Ways You Can Use Krud Kutter

Here’s a closer look to determine if this is a product you will add to your cleaning caddy.

In this example, you’ll see the use of Original Krud Kutter concentrate using some everyday household products. For this exercise, we’ll use ceramic tiles.

Let’s Try Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter Product Review, Lables on Back of TileOn the tiles, there were labels and gunk from the labels or sticky stuff that didn’t come off.

A simple spray of Krud Kutter to the top of the lables loosened the residue.

Then using nothing other than fingernails and a little scratching the labels came right off.

Feel free to wear latex or nitrile gloves to protect the underneath sides of your fingernails.

Krud Kutter Takes it Right Off!

Krud Kutter Product Review, Sticky Lables on Back of TileUsually, you would have to use a razor blade or something strong to peel these labels off. But, that was not necessary here.

If you have any residue of anything like this in your home, Krud Kutter is a great way to get that off.

If you need to spray and repeat the process after letting it set for a minute or two.

The Krud Kutter does an amazing job. And then you can wipe it off with a terry cloth, and boom, you’re done, right?

Does Krud Kutter Work on Other Things?

Krud Kutter Product Review, Testing on Shiny TileHere you will see some liquid foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and shoe polish. It has been applied to the shiny tile.

A similar test was reproduced on a flat dull tile to compare the results.

Both tests allowed the makeup and shoe polish to set for the same amount of time.

Different Surfaces and Hard-to-Remove Substances

Makeup was used in this demonstration because it is designed to be worn all day and not come off easily.

In this test a permanent market was used on both tiles.

The Test

Krud Kutter Product Review, Wiping Shiny Tile CleanSo, we’ve got shoe polish, eyeliner, lipstick, liquid foundation, and permanent marker. You’ll notice it comes right off. The lipstick has already started to dissolve with the Krud Kutter.

Since Krud Kutter is a surfactant it’s already started to break up that permanent marker.

Wiping down the middle of the tile with a terry cloth shows dramatic results. It’s coming clean on the shiny tile, and you’ll see that the permanent marker is almost erased itself.

Isn’t that amazing? Look at those results!

And the shoe polish, that came right off the glassy tile, and the eyeliner, it came right off. The liquid foundation vanished!

The towel is full of makeup and lipstick and permanent marker. Boom. The lipstick comes right off.

The Dull Tile’s Results

Krud Kutter Product Review, Krud Kutter on Dull TileNext, let’s go to the dull tile that has a matte finish. We’ll take a look and see if it has the same kinds of results.

Everything in this test is the same except instead of using terry cloths to wipe the mess, paper towels are used.

Does Everything Come Off the Matte Tile?

Krud Kutter Product Review, Wiping Dull Tile CleanOkay, now that does not come off as easily on the flat tile. You might have to use a little bit of elbow grease on that. But the liquid foundation, boom, that comes right off.

And the lipstick has already started to dissolve. It breaks right up and comes right off.

Now, let’s look at that eyeliner. How did that do? Boom, it comes right off as well, and the permanent marker, oh, and it comes right off. Oh, this is amazing stuff. Check it out.

That shoe polish is going to need a bit of elbow grease, and it’s like two or three passes. It did not come off the first time but pretty close.

Krud Kutter gets an A+ and the Savvy Cleaner Seal of Approval

Rust-Oleum, Original Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser, Savvy Cleaner ApprovedOriginal Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser is a Savvy Cleaner Approved product. It meets the standards of excellence and truth in advertising that Savvy Cleaner promotes. Booyah!

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