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Meguiar’s Leather Conditioner

This Meguiar’s Leather Conditioner review will show you how to protect and polish your leather furniture. You’ll also see Angela Brown cleaning a leather recliner working drill brush magic.

How to clean a leather sofa is different from using a leather conditioner but for both, you can use a leather drill brush. You’ll also need a microfiber cloth and some Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner.

The best way to clean leather is often topped with a leather treatment. This you can offer your house cleaning clients as an Upsell to regular maintenance cleaning.

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How Can Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner Help us upsell?

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Meguiars LogThat’s a great question and we’re going to talk about that today. In the process, I’m going to do a product review on a product that has to do with the upsell. That product is Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re like what does that have to do with the upsell? We’re about to explain.

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is where you get to ask a house cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer.

About Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner

Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Cloths - usingNow Meguiar’s is a three-generation family-owned business that started back in 1901. Frank Meguiar was a furniture polish salesman who started this company in his garage in Indiana. Then in 1913, he moves his family across the country to Southern California. There he focuses on the professional product end of his business.

Now he has three sons and the sons grow up in the family business. They ran the business in the 50s. And in 1942, Malcolm had a son named Barry. Barry is now the president of the company, and he grew up in the business. So, he knew all about cleaning cars and the polish and the stuff they had.

After college, Barry led the General Motors and Ford and Chrysler accounts in the Eastern United States. So, he gets this wild idea that he would go to car shows.

Free Advertising

So, he goes to these car shows. People would come in with these big fancy, polished cars.  Barry would say, “Hey, can I do a quick demonstration?” He would do a quick one-minute demonstration. Then he would show them the before and after. The after always looked better than the already polished car they had. And he said, “I’ll give you a free bottle of this if you put my sign on your car.” By the end of the day at these car shows, all the cars have Meguiar’s signs on their cars. So, it picks up a lot of momentum and generates a lot of interest.

Meguiar’s Becomes a Consumer Product

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Meguiars Ultimate Car Cleaning & Waxing KitWell in 1973, Barry decides that there are likely a lot of car enthusiasts out there.  So, they start the consumer end of the business. This is fascinating because now it’s available for you and me inside our homes. As the business expands, he decides that there should be a TV show.  And Discovery’s Velocity Car Crazy becomes his show. Then in 2008, something amazing happened and Barry sold the company to 3M and stayed on as president. So, he ended up selling the business and keeping it at the same time.

Now It’s Global

3M was already an international company that had everything in place to take it global. So, Meguiar’s is a product that is available everywhere. It has expanded so far beyond just the car business. But there are lots of products that they have. If you’re unfamiliar with them, I encourage you to go to and just check it out. It’s a fascinating story and they have some amazing products.

Here’s the Upsell

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Gloved Hands Holding MeguiarsAll right, here’s where the upsell comes in. A lot of our customers have leather furniture. It could be just a chair. Maybe they have a recliner. It’s possibly a sofa or a sectional. It might even be an ottoman, but everything that’s made of leather needs conditioning. Leather is skin just like the skin on your hands and so it also gets dried and cracked. The leather can fade with weather changes, temperature, UV lighting from open windows. And so, having a regular conditioner on your leather will preserve the life of the leather.

Most people get busy with their lives and don’t schedule leather conditioning. So, because they don’t, a lot of times it slips by and they forget to do it and so this is where you come in as a house cleaner. You can upsell this as a service for a couple of hundred dollars for a room.

This is the Best Way to Apply Meguiar’s to Leather Furniture

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Tools to CleaI’m going to show you how to do it in just a second. With the proper tools and a little bit of Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner, their living room furniture will look amazing. All right, so you really don’t need a lot of tools to make this process happen. You have a few work smart, not hard tools and we’re going to go over those now. First, to protect your skin, I want us to use a pair of disposable gloves.

Gloves will keep your own hands from drying and cracking while you’re conditioning the leather.  Next, we have a polystatic duster. This is going to allow us to pick up the dust from the leather before we start spraying anything on there.

Next, I have a white cotton terrycloth. I’m going to wet that and I’m going to wipe the leather down before we condition it. After it’s conditioned, I have a microfiber cloth we’re going to do a final wipe with. It is an edgeless microfiber cloth. So, it’s not going to scratch the leather as we go back over it for the final wipe down.

Next, we have an electric drill and on it is a drill brush designed only for applying leather products. An extension cord will also come in handy to allow you extra mobility. Now we talked about this the other day in the top 10 scrub-a-brushes and this is a part of that set. So, I will link to that in the notes so you can watch the rest of that video. Next, we have the Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner.

Start with Clean Leather

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Wiping Leather ChairWe are assuming that the leather has been well maintained and wiped down at every house cleaning. So, this is not dirty leather.  But every time somebody sits down in a chair it’s possible that hairspray, hair gel, body oils can seep into the leather.

So, we assume you wipe it down at every cleaning. Now since it’s clean we’re going to go ahead and just apply the leather conditioner to keep that going. Now because I have an electric drill, I do have an extension cord. So, these are my work smart, not hard tools in order for us to make this process happen.

The Process

The process for applying it is pretty straight forward. We’re going to go ahead and dust the piece of furniture first. We’re dusting with an electrostatic duster, an easy chair that’s made of leather.  Once you’ve dusted it, that just gets off any crumbs, dog hair, dust, any of that stuff. Then we’re wiping it down with our wet terrycloth.

The wet terrycloth lets us get off any food or anything that might be on there since we’ve cleaned it last. Once it’s clean, we’re going to spray it with the Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner. We’re going to put a fair amount on, not too much. It’s a spray so we’re not going to spray it on too heavily.

The Tools

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Cleaning BrushThen we’re going to use our electric drill with the drill brush designed for leather. And we’re just going to go evenly over the fabric so that we can spread the spray in an even manner all across the leather. As we go over the seams, this drill bit prevents the leather conditioning from getting stuck in the seams or the ribbing on the edge.

So just an even blend of working this into the fabric and this drill bit does an amazing job. It really speeds up the process. It’s just an incredible tool for applying and working the conditioner into the leather. Go over the entire piece of furniture with the drill bit.

The Final Step

We’re going to then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. And that’s just going to pick up any excess or anything that’s still on there we need to wipe off. We just want to dry it in an even fashion. And then we’re going to go ahead and let it set for about 12 hours.

The Results

You know when you put hand lotion on your hands, how it’s greasy for a minute, then it absorbs into your skin and feels great? This is the same concept with leather conditioning. So, it’s going to be slick and shiny for a little bit until it dries.

Then it’s just going to look amazing.  And it’s going to be really soft and supple.  It’s not going to be a tough leather like it had been before if it was all dried out.

The Safety Data Sheet

All right, let’s take a look at the safety data sheet. We’ll find out what’s inside and how to stay safe when using it.

SDS Info - Identification Savvy Cleaner SpacerAll right we talked a little bit about the company itself. It’s headquartered out of Irvine, California.

SDS Toxicity Sickness Savvy Cleaner SpacerThe second on our list are the hazards. If for any reason you should ingest this, it can make you dizzy, drowsy, nauseous, or cause a headache.

SDS Composition Ingredients Savvy Cleaner SpacerAll right, what’s inside? What’s inside is a trade secret. We don’t exactly know.  But we do know that there’s propylene glycol, which is a liquid alcohol used as a solvent. It also has D lymenthal siloxane. That is from a group of liquid silicons. It has triethanolamine, which is an organic compound used in lots of beauty products.

SDS First Aid Savvy Cleaner SpacerHere are the first aid measures. If you get it inside your eyes, you want to rinse your eyes. Should Meguiar’s come into direct contact with your hands, wash your hands. Getting it in your mouth will require you to rinse your mouth with water.

SDS Fire Safety Savvy Cleaner SpacerAll right, regarding fire safety. Well, the good news is it’s not explosive and it’s not combustible. So, there are no known fire hazards associated with this product.

SDS Accidental Release Spills Savvy Cleaner SpacerOkay, next what are the accidental spill measures. If you spill this, you want to contain the spill.  You want to take an absorbent cloth and start from the outside and work your way in until you’ve cleaned it all up.

SDS Storage Savvy Cleaner SpacerAll right, the handling and storage, you want to keep this up and out of the reach of children. Keep it out of direct sunlight. You want to keep it in a well-ventilated area and you don’t want to store it near acids. All right, the exposure controls. You can wear safety glasses and disposable gloves.Also, you want to use this in a well-ventilated area and you want to avoid mists and inhaling it as you clean.

SDS Stability - Reactivity Savvy Cleaner SpacerLet’s talk about the physical and chemical properties. It is a liquid. It’s got a pleasant smell to it. It’s a translucent yellowish liquid and it is a pH balance of 8.2 to 9. The stability and reactivity. It is a stable product and it does react to oxidizing agents, as well as acids. So, you do not want to mix this with any other chemicals.

SDS Ecological - Earth Friendly Savvy Cleaner SpacerAnd the ecological information. You want to avoid releasing this into the environment and you want to keep this out of the sewer systems.

SDS Disposal Waste Savvy Cleaner SpacerHere are the disposal considerations. When you’re done with a bottle of this you can put this in your recycling bin.  Observe the federal, state, and local regulations.

SDS Transportation Savvy Cleaner SpacerAnd transportation information. Meguiar’s Gold Class Liquid Conditioner is safe for land, air and sea travel. So, you can take it with you on all your vacations, if you like.

Understand How They Use the Furniture

All right, when you are conditioning a piece of leather for a family, you want to understand how they use that piece of furniture.

Now, this particular leather sectional sofa is in a sitting room in front of a television. It’s clear to me that there has been a lot of food eating inside these chairs.  Because inside all the nooks and crannies, there are lots of little bits of food that we got out with the duster and when we wiped them with our damp cloth.

Don’t Forget the Hidden Areas

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Cleaning Leather Sofa with BrushNow we’re polishing this furniture and we’re wiping it down.  We want to open the legs of the recliner so that we are getting access to the same areas that the customers use. You don’t want bits of the leather to dry and crack because you neglected to clean them.  Take the opportunity to condition them as we’re doing today. So, you want to make sure you get all the different areas of the sofa and then put it back together.  Again, let it set so that it can kind of settle into its conditioning process.

Cleaning a Piece with Lots of Parts

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Dusting Leather SofaNow we’re cleaning a leather massage chair that has lots of nooks and crannies and moving parts. What we want to do on this particular piece of furniture is we’re going to do this all by hand. We’re not going to use the electric drill. And because there are so many nooks and crannies, we’re not going to spray the leather itself.  We’re going to spray our microfiber cloth and apply this by hand.

There are detachable pillows and just a lot going on with this chair. It also has wooden arms and electronic pieces. Again, we just want to be super careful and treat this product with the utmost respect. So just because we have one technique and one way of doing it, doesn’t mean that’s always the right way.

So, you want to use your common sense when you’re dealing with a different piece of furniture. You have to treat it a different way. So that’s what we’re doing here. And again, we will just wipe everything down. We’ll polish it up and buff it.

Then, we flip our microfiber cloth over.  We will polish the rest of it and then we’re done with this particular leather massage chair.

Working with Rivets

Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner, Wiping Leather SofaAll right we’re working on an oxblood leather sofa that has a lot of little rivets in it.

Again, we want to make sure that we use the drill brush on this particular sofa to go around all those little rivets. The brush will apply the leather conditioner without getting stuck between those rivets. This is another opportunity and another time, where the drill brush is brilliant.

Be Careful with the Hardwood Floors

All right, you’ll notice in this picture, that I’m not wearing shoe covers. The reason for this is because this particular sofa is sitting on a hardwood floor.

You can put a drape on the floor so you don’t get any of the Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner on the floor. Or you can just get a wet paper towel when you’re done and wipe the floor.

It was going to be easier in this particular case just to use a wet paper towel and wipe up any overspray. Now the floor can get really slippery because of the silicones that are inside this cleaner.

You just want to make sure that you don’t get it on the hardwood floor. If you do, make sure that you’re not wearing shoe covers because that can get slippery. You don’t want to create a hazard for yourself while you’re doing this job.

Product Review for Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner

Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Conditioner Product Review, Savvy Cleaner Approved x 672All righty, now we’ve had a chance to take a look at the Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner.  We’ve seen the amazing shine it leaves behind with minimal effort, right?

I’m going to give this product the Savvy Cleaner seal of approval. Now it’s very inexpensive. It retails for $5 or $6. You can find it just about anywhere. It’s available at Walmart and all the auto supply stores. It’s available at Target and some of your big box stores. This is a product that if you haven’t tried, I encourage you to do so.

You can use it on all the leather interior of your vehicle. Use it on the steering column, on the dashboard, and any leather furniture that you have. Also, if you have customers, it’s a great upsell.  Many customers don’t have leather conditioning on their to-do list. Yet this protects the investment of furniture that they have. So, I encourage you to use it.

And until we meet again leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.


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