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Lazy Susan Product Review

This Lazy Susan product review is one of my favorite household organization hacks. Now you don’t need to see a Lazy Susan product review to know that cupboard organization and space saver ideas just make sense.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shows you in this Lazy Susan Product Review how she uses a turntable as serveware.

And it’s not just kitchen organization that just got easy, it’s bathrooms and tabletops too.

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What is a Lazy Susan and how do you use it? It’s a great question and we’re going to talk about that today.

The History of the Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan, Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson invented Lazy Susan back in the 18th century.

He created them because his daughter, who sat at the end of the table was always served last and meal time.

She felt like she was not getting enough food because the rest of the family was eating the food before it got her.

The Lazy Susan Was First Called “A Dumb Waiter”

Lazy Susan, Patience is a VirtueHe created this big Lazy Susan, that sat in the center of the dining table that would spin around and deliver the serving dishes to his daughter. He called it The Dumb Waiter.

His invention would spin and serve her so that she could have food before there was no food left.

Thomas Jefferson was the inventor in the 18th-century of the Lazy Susan.

What is a Lazy Susan?

Simple Plastic Lazy SusanA Lazy Susan is a little plate, if you will, that has a spinner on the back of it. The spinner allows you to put something on the top and then spin it around.

This allows the person on the other side of you to be able to receive what you’re sending.

For example, in my hand I have a small plate size one, it’s about 10 inches in diameter. And here I have a salt-and-pepper shaker. Let’s say we were sitting at a table and I want to pass you the shakers.

I can put it on this plate and at arm’s length from me, and spin it and you can reach it from across the table at arm’s length to you. I don’t even have to get up from the table or reach across my food.

And then you can reach it yourself. The Lazy Susan just spins so that you don’t have to do all the work.

A Lazy Susan in Cupboards

Rev a Shelf Lazy Susan TurntableAll cupboards have a corner in them. If you put something way at the back of the corner, chances are you will never see it again and you will never use it. Out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes.

You can use a Lazy Susan that fits in your cupboard. Just make sure that it’s small enough you can close your cabinet door. Then you can spin the Lazy Susan and you get the stuff that’s at the back of the cabinets.

It’s a fun idea for household organization because it makes so much sense.

A Lazy Susan in the Refrigerator

Deep Dish Lazy SusanI’ve seen lots of people use these in the center of their refrigerator. They put condiments that they would use to make a sandwich with. Things like mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.

Then when they go to make a sandwich, all the ingredients for the sandwich are right there on one Lazy Susan.

There are other people to have all their cereal needs right there on a Lazy Susan. It might be cream, milk, sugar or whatever. They keep everything tidy in one easy to reach spot.

This is an easy fridge hack for organization and inventory.

How Many Places Can You Use a Lazy Susan?

Multi Use Lazy SusanIt’s exciting when you start thinking about the ways a Lazy Susan can help you!

Think of all the different cupboards that you have. What’s in there? There’s a lot of stuff we have in the cabinets that we don’t use because we forgot it was there.

But you can have many Lazy Susan’s in a single cabinet, depending on the size of the cabinet. You can spin, and have accessibility to everything in there!

Consider a Decorative Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan, Family Eating with Lazy SusanConsider a large Lazy Susan that lives on your dining room table. This can store napkins, and salt and pepper. And when you serve dinner, the serving dishes themselves.

This promotes ease of access and it prevents interruption of conversation. Now you don’t have to ask “Can you please pass me the …”

Use a Lazy Susan Under the Bathroom Sink

Spice Rack Lazy Susan TurntableA Lazy Susan is also great for bathroom cabinets. You can put cleaning supplies on them so you always have exactly what you need within reach.

They are great too for the top of the vanity. Put the items you use daily on them such as face cream, hairspray, makeup remover, fingernail polish etc.

Thank You, Thomas Jefferson!

Family Values Lazy SusanLazy Susan’s are a great way to keep organized and to have what you need always on hand. That way, you are not reaching over and dripping stuff.

No more forgetting about what is in the back of your cupboards!

We have easy access not thanks to Thomas Jefferson!

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