How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Featured Image

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks

It’s not a secret that to clean crevices and sliding door tracks is gross! But, did you know that there’s an easy way to get rid of the slime and gunk?

Having the right tools to get between cracks is key. Stick around to find out how to show that all that soap scum and gunk in the window tracks who’s boss!Podcast Rss Spacer Savvy Cleaner

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Best Ways to Clean Crevices in a Shower Door

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Bathroom Shower with Glass DoorsWhat are the best ways to clean the crevices in a shower door? We have a house cleaner that called in and asked this question. “What is the best way to clean between the shower doors, the little crack crevice right there between the sliding glass shower doors?”

This is a very interesting topic because there are crevices in the sliding glass doors of your shower, but they’re also in your windows. When you open up the windows and there’s that window track, it’s there as well.

Also, if you have a sliding glass door and you open up that door, you have that crevice there as well. So how do you clean those? It’s a very simple process, but it’s four steps. And if you follow the same four steps every single time, then you’re going to win the crevice game.

How to Clean the Window Crevices

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Step 1 Vacuum DebrisSo, if it is a window in the house, you open up the window, and as you open up the window, there’s a bunch of debris that has collected in that window track.  Debris collects on the sides of the windows every time there’s a storm or a rainstorm.  So, there’s always going to be a bunch of gunk there.

The first rule that’s recommended is that you get a vacuum with a vacuum hose and attachment. And that you vacuum out the leaves or the dead bugs or anything that has collected inside that track.

Now, in your shower, there’s not going to be leaves and debris and dead bugs, there’s going to be soap scum. But for the windows, you’re going to vacuum it out with a vacuum attachment. That’s step number one.

Spray the Window with an All-Purpose Spray

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Step 2 SprayThe second step is you’re going to spray it with some kind of a cleaning solution that’s an all-purpose spray. So, it will go inside that track and loosen up all the gunk. Once you’ve loosened up all the gunk, it’s going to start eating away that junk because in the windows, it’s usually black and it’s usually icky.

Then the next thing you many use is an OXO Deep Cleaning Brush. This is the perfect size for the window tracks in the windows. It’s the exact size that most windows have. So, you brush back and forth. And have a second OXO brush, which comes in the same pack, but this one has a rubber spatula on the end.

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Step 3 ScrubSo, the rubber spatula is not going to scratch the window ledge and you can dig in the corners and you can bring all the stuff out. It’s kind of like sweeping the floor. You’re going to sweep everything close and you’re going to make sure that you scrape the insides of it. Then brush it up so that if there’s anything that’s stuck on there that’s not coming out, once you’ve soaked it a little bit, it should come right up.


Use a Paper Towel Last

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Step 4 WipeSo, the last step that you’re going to do is use a paper towel. And in your apron or in the cleaning caddy, depending on how you work, have a small flat-head screwdriver. So after you’ve followed the steps, take a paper towel and wrap it around the top so that now you have something with a little bit of pressure in it.

And because it’s a flat-head screwdriver, it’s going to go right inside all the corners dry it all out. When you’re done with this paper towel, it is going to be completely black and it’s going to be super gross and you are going to toss that right inside the garbage bin. So that way you are not transferring it on my clothes or whatever at the end of the day.

This is already clean because you’ve used the inside of it inside my paper towel that goes back inside your cleaning caddy or apron. Then you’re ready to go onto the next crevice or crease. 

Cleaning Shower Doors is Different

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Shower with Glass DoorsNow, on shower doors, it’s a little bit different because the shower is wet and you’ve sprayed everything down. So, the same rule applies. You want to get all the gunk out if possible. Now, most of the gunk, is going to be soap scum.

So, you’re going to take your all-purpose spray and spray the inside of that track. Then you’re going to follow the exact same rules that you did on the regular window ledge.

OXO Deep Cleaning Brushes, again, this is the right size, but on the window of the shower door, there’s a little tiny ledge that curls up and that catches water. And it sends it back into the shower so that it doesn’t fall out onto the floor. When you open the door, it doesn’t run down and get your floor mat wet.

Use the Track to Scrub the Lip of the Shower

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Scrubbing Shower CreviceSo, in that track, the little one that has the spatula on it, it has a pointy bristle and it’s much smaller than the first bristle. This is the one that you’re going to use on that little curved lip. And again, you’re going to scrub. All the soaps come out now that we’ve let it soak for a minute.

You’re going to use the spatula end of it to dig in the corners that are not easily reached. Then you’re going to do the exact same process that you did with the window ledge and the paper towel, where you’re going to get the paper towel and you’re going to wrap it around the flat-head screwdriver, and clean up that soap scum.  With part of your paper towel, you can go back and you can wipe the glass around the edge.

Be Careful with the Seal of the Shower Door

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Dirty Paper TowelNow, one of the things you need to be careful of is check the seal on the bottom of the shower door. Because as the door opens and closes, sometimes that seal will slide.

And if it slides out, then as you open the door, water will leak out and it will ruin whatever’s on the other side of the shower door. So, make sure that you check the seal at the same time. And make sure also that if the seal is broken, that you leave a note for the homeowner so that they can get that fixed. Because if they think you damaged it, then you got to replace it. It’s not expensive to replace.

It’s like a buck and a half. And many homes have a spare roll of it so they can slide that in when it breaks. But you want to make sure that you check it just so that it’s not leaking or any of those things.

The Same Process Goes for Glass Sliding Doors

How to Clean Crevices and Sliding Door Tracks, Patio DoorsAnd the same process applies for glass sliding doors between your living room and your outside. So you want to make sure that you vacuum first if it’s an outdoor ledge, and then you want to spray with your all-purpose spray.

Then you want to use your OXO Deep Cleaning Brushes to loosen everything up and to scrub anything that’s stuck on there. You’ll use your spatula for the corners and the edges, and then to wipe everything up, your small screwdriver wrapped in a paper towel.

And then you’ll dispose of the paper towel when you’re done because this, no matter which job it is, will always be super icky and super gross.0 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Savvy Cleaner


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