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How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

Wanna know how to clean a gas fireplace on a maintenance and a deep clean? Come clean with me and I’ll show you some professional house cleaning tips. We recommend a maintenance clean on your fireplace every two weeks and a deep clean 4 x per year. Podcast Rss Spacer Savvy Cleaner

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

How to Maintenance Clean a Gas Fireplace

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Vacuuming Around FireplaceHow do you a maintenance clean for a gas fireplace, also known as a direct vent fireplace? But this is the kind where you flip the switch and the fire appears. How do you clean that?

Now, it’s wintertime, and there are a lot of homeowners that are turning on their fireplaces. And there’s a lot of soot and gunk and dust and whatever around the fireplace. How do you keep it clean?

Well, there are three types of cleaning. We’re going to talk about two of them today. There’s maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning. The third kind that we’re not going to talk about our special projects, and that’s where you actually dismantle the fireplace and you clean the logs and you clean the coals and all that stuff.

You Want to Use Your Swiffer Duster

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Dusting Flat SurfacesThe first tool that you’re going to use is your Swiffer duster, and you’re going to dust all of the ornamental items that are around the fireplace, so picture frames that are on top of the mantle, any candles, little orbs, ornamental plates, anything that people have that are around their fireplace.

We’re going to dust those items and then we’re going to remove them. And we’re going to put them to the side of the fireplace so we can actually get to the fireplace itself. After we have dusted the items, we’re going to do the horizontal surface of the mantle.

We’re going to dust the top of that. And then coming down, we’re going to dust the sides of the fireplace that are molding or carvings or what have you. Once we’ve dusted the easy part of the fireplace, we’re going to retire our Swiffer duster.

Use a Soft Bristled Brush for the Bricks

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Dusting With BrushWe’re then going to move to a soft-bristled brush. This is a long, soft-bristled brush. The brushes are about an inch and a half, maybe two inches. This is just soft and flexible.

This is going to allow us to brush this stone, any carvings, or the front of the fireplace. Oftentimes there’s a grill, a grate, or a screen. We’re going to brush that down with the brush. When we get to the bottom area, we’re also going to brush that.

Now, if it’s not a hardwood floor and it’s not the tile that you can brush it off onto, what I recommend is I have a flexible cutting board. I carry one of these all the time with me and I just slide it inside my mop bucket. I have it with me for projects like this.

You slide that right up against the mantle and you can brush off the fireplace onto your flexible cutting board. And then this just bends and it goes right inside the trash. That’s one of my secret tools.

Vacuum After You Sweep the Area

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Vacuuming Under FireplaceOnce you’ve swept the area, then you’re going to go ahead with your vacuum. This is a vacuum attachment with a small brush. We’re going to go around the edges of the outside of the fireplace. Because once we just swept everything off, there’s going to be cobwebs. There’s going to be dust, there’s going to be debris.

There’s going to be little bits of things that hide underneath the fireplace. Often it’s brick and it’s hard to get there with the vacuum, so we’re going to use the vacuum brush.

And we’re going to make sure that we go around the area with our vacuum tool. And that way we can get the baseboards at the same time around the fireplace.

The Difference Between the Maintenance and the Deep Clean

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Wiping GlassAll right. Once we’re done with that, we’re going to put everything back and that will be our maintenance clean. It looks spectacular. It’s clean, it’s tidy. It’s ready for the next use. Now, the difference between the maintenance clean and the deep clean is we’re going to go a step beyond on the deep clean.

How to Deep Clean Your Fireplace

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Closing Fireplace GlassFor the deep clean, and this is probably going to happen about four times a year, what we’re going to do is we’re going to do the exact same process where we start with the Swiffer duster and we dust all of the ornamental items, and then we remove them from the fireplace.

Then we dust the mantle. We dust the sides of the fireplace. And then when we get to the part with the brush, we’re going to dust the front of the screen, and then we’re going to open the screen. We’re going to remove the screen or open it, depending on the type of fireplace that you have, and we’re going to actually clean the glass.

Not the backside, but the front side of the glass. A lot of times there’s a build-up there. We’ll be using a glass cloth, and we’ll be using our cleaner. This is the force of nature. It’s water, vinegar, and salt electrolyzed.

You Vacuum for the Deep Clean Too

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Dusting Inside Around Glass With BrushNext, we’re going to go ahead and clean the top of the rims and all of the hardware around there. And then before we clean the screen and put it back, we’re going to use our vacuum attachment. We’re going to hook this up to our vacuum.

We’re going to vacuum around the edges of the inside of the fireplace where maybe cobwebs have created themselves, or we’re going to clean underneath the hearth that we can reach. This is going to be any dust, any embers, anything that’s there that we can reach inside without taking the whole thing apart.

We’re going to reach that, we’re going to come out on the outside edges. We’re going to get all the nooks and crannies. Then we’re going to get the nooks and crannies of the slate or the stone that the fireplace is on.

Put Everything Back When You Finish the Deep Clean

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace, Angela Brown Dusting ItemsThen we’re going to get the edge around the fireplace while we still have our vacuum attachment on our hose. Once that’s done, we’re going to go ahead and put everything back. We’re going to put the screen back or the grill, the grates, the curtains, whatever you call them.

And we’re going to put the items that we removed that were the ornamental trinkets. We’re going to put all of those back on the fireplace, and then we will be done with the deep clean for the fireplace.

And we will go about cleaning the rest of the living room or the family room. That is how you do the maintenance and the deep clean on a gas fireplace.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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