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How to Bid a Cleaning Job When You Hate to Sell

Can you tell me how to bid a cleaning job when you hate to sell? I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and the #cleaning bid gets me every time.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru answers “how to bid a cleaning job when you hate selling with a Compass Wave #ProductReview

Compass Wave is maid service estimating software that gives instant price quotes for house cleaning and maid service. The cleaning estimates factor in your cleaning times and price and levels of cleanliness from the homeowner.

Today’s #AskaHouseCleaner sponsor is CompassWave. (If you hate to sell but love to clean your #CleaningBid just got easy.

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How do you come up with a price for a customer when you’re bidding their house for house cleaning? That’s a great question, and we’re going to talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now on today’s show, a house cleaner asks this:

“Hello, I just want to know if you have any tips for how can I give the correct price for the houses?”

Chasing money spacer Savvy CleanerHow to Bid a Cleaning Job When You Hate to Sell

How to Bid a Cleaning Job Woman looking at Compass Wave on ComputerAll right. That’s a great question, and the answer lies in our sponsor for today, who is Compass Wave. Now, Compass Wave paid for the production of today’s show, and so I want to share with you in all fairness to them what they do. And they are in fact the answer to this question.

All right, Compass Wave is a maid service estimating software. Think of it as a robust plug-in that goes to the back end of your website that you can customize and tweak and make your own. Now, it’s going to ask you a series of questions that you need to answer in order for it to work, but here’s the catch.

Compass Wave Can Help You Bid a Cleaning Job with Cost Drivers

These questions will be asked at every single walkthrough. You will use these questions on every estimate you do for the rest of your life.

It starts with you packing the settings of the plugin with your cost drivers. You may ask “What is a cost driver?”How to Bid a Cleaning Job Compass Wave Cost Drivers

They are the expenses that drive the costs of your business up. It’s the gas for your car and the car insurance. Cost drivers are your cleaning supplies, office supplies, your internet access, and cell phone bill.

If you have employees, it’s going to be their payroll. It’s going to be the payroll service that you pay. And the FICA taxes or the FUTA taxes. It’s going to be the workman’s comp and insurance and bonding. It’s all these other expenses that drive your costs up for owning a small business.

Now, once you know what those costs are, you plug that into the software.

Now when a customer asks ” much does it cost?” Compass Wave magically figures in all your expenses and it breaks it down by the job. Oh, my goodness. Isn’t this brilliant?

FAQ 2 Spacer Savvy CleanerCompass Wave Asks the Questions You Need to Bid a Cleaning Job

Okay, so check it out. A customer calls and they say, “Can you give me a price on my house?”

And before you even give a price, you’re going to ask a series of questions. The questions are built into the software. So, either the customer can go to your website and they can fill out this form themselves, or you can do it on the telephone.

So, the customer calls and you jump on the internet.  Log into your website as a guest and fill out the form as you ask the client the questions.

Compass Wave will clue you in on all the questions that you need to ask them so you don’t forget anything. a Cleaning Job with the Most Accurate Information

 How to Bid a Cleaning Job Compass Wave Customer QuestionsSo, you say to them, “To give you the most accurate quote, I’m going to need the most accurate information from you. Is that fair?” and they’re going to go, “Yeah, that’s fair.”

Now they have nothing to lose because they’re price shopping. So, if they give you accurate information, that’s going to help you give them the best quote.

So, they say, “My house has four bedrooms,” you say, “What is the address of your house?” 

And you type in the address of their house or plug it in on your phone.

Compass Wave Integrates with Zillow and Google Maps

Compasswave plus Zillow plus Google Maps

My Cleaning Connection Map Pin to Find House Cleaners

And all of a sudden it pulls up their house. Compass Wave integrates with Zillow and Google Maps.  So now you can see their house and the neighborhood that it’s in. It pulls up all the stats, and it says this house has four bedrooms and it has three and a half bathrooms.

Now you’re going to verify that information on the phone with the customer. “So, your house has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Is that correct? I’m looking here, and it says that your house has 3800 square feet. Is that correct?”

And you give them information that lets them know you’re looking at their house. So, they’re going to start giving you the most accurate information because it’s right there in front of you.

Question spacer Savvy CleanerCompass Wave Smart Questions Help You Bid a Cleaning Job

So, then you ask: “How many people live in this house?” 

How to Bid a Cleaning Job Homeowners can visit Your site and get bidKeep going until you’ve asked aHow to Bid a Cleaning Job free trialll the questions.

  1. How many pets do you have?
  2. How many people occupy your house?
  3. How often do you cook and use your kitchen?
  4. Are there other things you needed besides regular house cleaning?
  5. Are you looking at oven cleaning or fridge cleaning or you need your walls washed?
  6. Do you need windows washed?

You go through a whole series of questions. And then they say, “No, that’s not important now,” or “Yes, this is important,” and then it breaks it all down.

Orange email spacer Savvy CleanerBid a Cleaning Job in Real Time – No Estimates to Email

At the end, you hit the submit button. When you hit the submit button, it automatically sends them a quote. This happens because you just filled in their information and their email address.

It also sends you the cleaning business owner a quote.

No more saying, “Well, I’m going to have to get back to you with a number and a price.” Compass Wave just did your bid and estimate for you. Can you see how much time and money this could save you? And how much would that savings of time be worth to you?

Cleaning Clock spacer Savvy CleanerBid a Cleaning Job Based on Your Time and Prices

You base the bid on the time it takes you to clean. The software/plugin factors in how many minutes it takes you to clean a room. And if you need to make adjustments to those times you can do that from your dashboard.

You can even plug in flat rates if you charge by the hour. And as you raise your prices, you can update the figures right in your dashboard.

Bid a Cleaning Job without Figuring it Out Every Time

How to Bid a Cleaning Job Exhausted House Cleaner in OfficeCompass Wave does all the work for you so that you’re not sitting there trying to figure it out. “Did I ask all the right questions and did I forget anything?”

Okay, so here’s the beauty of it. When you get to a customer’s house to do a walkthrough, they already know the price.

They already know if they can afford you, and so the investment is this. You pay a little bit of money up front every month for the premium plug-in that goes into your website.

In exchange for your investment you save hours of time going on job estimates only to hear the homeowner say” Oh, that’s too much money. I can’t afford that.” 

Great News! Your Estimate Removes Sticker Shock

How to Bid a Cleaning Job couple talking with homeownerWhen the customer agrees to have you come do a walkthrough of their home, we already know they can afford you.

Compass Wave will close lots of your sales for you. It knows the common questions you will ask. So instead of playing 60 questions when you get there, you’ve already done it on the phone, or the customer has been through it on your website.

Compass Wave Has a Clutter Captcha

Online Compass Wave asks your prospect to rate the clutter in their house. Their cleaning price changes based on their answer.

How to Bid a Cleaning Job Time is Money GraphIf their house is messy – cleaning costs more.

If their house is clean, it costs less.

When you get to the house to do a walkthrough, you can make price adjustments if they lied about their clutter.

The good news is that it won’t come as a surprise to them because it was one of the questions asked early on.

Compass Wave prevents surprises to you and the homeowner, and it helps you set proper boundaries up front.

Compass Wave is Partnering with

Compass Wave is partnering with This is the house cleaning referral hub that partners house cleaners with homeowners. Soon you will be able to send a price quote for cleaning right from your HC360 listing with your Compass Wave account.

A customer who finds you there will be able to access the questions, get an instant quote, and so will you.

Even if you don’t have a website, HC360 will act as your website and you can use the plug-in with your listing. Can you see what I am so excited about? This should close so many more deals for you as a house cleaner.

Compass Wave is Giving You a Free Trial – Starting Now

How to Bid a Cleaning Job free trialIf you haven’t given this a try, Compass Wave is offering you a free trial. I’m not kidding. This is a beautiful thing, and it is to everybody in our group and everybody in our network, all the YouTube subscribers and the podcast listeners.

So, if you have a maid service or a house cleaning business and you want to give this a try, check it out at

Right up in the top of the top bar, there’s a little thing that says Free Trial. Click on that. You don’t need a code or anything. Just click on it, and they will give you the free trial.

All right. I hope that this helps you bid your next house cleaning job. It is a brilliant piece of software/plug-in that works with your website. And if you have questions you can get them answered by leaving a note below.

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