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Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes

What are our favorite mops for cleaning homes? Different floors (and different people!) need different mops. Should you buy a string mop, spin mop, a steamer with washable pads you can clean?

Are you tall and need mops with an adjustable handle or a telescoping wand? Do you have hardwood floors, ceramic tile, or laminate flooring? There are tons of mopping systems on the market. Find out how to choose the best floor cleaning system for your home.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Woman with Flat MopFavorite mops for cleaning homes. What’s the answer? We have a house cleaner that called in and asked this question.

My name is Danielle and I was wondering if you could share with us some of your favorite mops for cleaning homes.”

Favorite Mops Depend on the Type of Flooring

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Woman with MopWhat are our favorite mops for cleaning homes? This is a trick question because it’s going to come down to the type of flooring that you have. It’s going to come down to the user experience and the mop that you prefer.

There are lots of different types of mops on the market. There are lots of different types of homeowners and they are all different sizes. And so, somebody might like a small mop that’s easy to maneuver.  Somebody that’s twice as tall needs a bigger mop with a more durable handle. There are mops on the market now, that are flat head mops which have a screw-in handle.

And we have people that have those telescoping wands because they are so tall that they can screw in on a regular mop head plate.  And it’s more convenient for them than a little tiny mop where they would be down low trying to hold and manage the mop head. So, there’s no right mop. There are lots of different choices on the market.

What to Look for in a Mop

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Woman with Mop at StoreWhen you’re looking for a mop, there are a couple of things that is recommended. Are the mop heads washable?  Now, back in the early days when I started my house cleaning business, we had string mops, that you dip in the mop bucket that you mopped the floor with.

Then you would wring out the mop and you either had one of those step plates where it would like to smash the strings of the mop. Later they had those twist mops where you twist it and it would ring all the dirty water back into the clean mop bucket water that you had. That’s how we used to do it.

And then we would mop the floors and the floors would look shiny because they were wet, and then they would dry, but we were kind of just like smearing the dirty water all back over the same floor.  Not a great idea.

Some Mop Heads Aren’t Washable

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Dirty Mop Water in Bucket and MopWhen we went to clean those mop heads, it became a challenge because they weren’t washable. They did not come off the mop itself. So, we would end up soaking our mops and buckets of Clorox every night to try to sanitize and clean them out.

Thank goodness that manufacturers came to their senses and made it so they could sanitize their mop heads after every floor. They don’t want to use the same mop on different houses and they don’t want to use the same mop in the kitchen that they’re using in the bathroom. So, we need replaceable or washable mop heads.

This is one of the latest, greatest inventions in the last couple of decades. So, now they have these, like the flathead mop, little pads that peel off and they go inside the washing machine. They’re almost always made of microfiber or something like that. There’s usually a polyester blend that is great for the floors.

What Kind of Floor are You Mopping?

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Man with Mop Mopping TileSo, what kind of flooring are you using? If it’s a wooden floor, you can use a damp microfiber cloth.  But if you’re mopping something like ceramic tile, then you may want to go with a steamer.  This has steam that’s going to clean the grout and the tile and all the stuff that has got stuck on the tile.

In bathrooms we have a little bit different kind of germs than we do in a kitchen. In the kitchen, we have lots of food to germs, but in the bathroom, we have the areas around the toilet where there can be over spray from flushing. Or people could have peed and they missed the toilet area, or it’s possible somebody threw up and there are remnants of that.

It’s a little bit different cleaning than you’re going to do in your kitchen, and so the mops need to be washable. You don’t want to mop there what you mopped in here or take the germs from here into there if that makes sense. So, the washable heads are key.

Spin Mops Ring Themselves Out

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Spin MopNow there are a lot of mops like the spin mops, for example, where you put the mop inside. And because of the pressure of you putting it inside the little mop spin bucket, it spins the water back into the mop bucket so that it rings it out for you. The challenge with those is typically the buckets. Because when you pick up the bucket, it’s designed to have this spin section on one side of the bucket, so it’s top-heavy on one side of the bucket.

Then if you have water in it and you pick up the mop bucket, it dumps over it and you spill all the water onto your floor. So, it’s a great concept, but you have to manage it differently. If you’re going to hold the bucket, you kind of have to hold it with both hands, then get your mop.

So, to carry them, to move them around, it’s a little bit different than if you just have the bucket in one spot and you’re not moving it around. So, the weight and the balance of the bucket is super important if you’re going to use a spin mop or a mop system bucket.

How to Use Mop Pads

Favorite Mops for Cleaning Homes, Woman Mopping FloorThe flat mop pads that go on the mops themselves, are awesome because you can pre-wet those. Then you’re going to roll those up and put those in a Ziploc bag.

When you get to the job, you simply unroll them, put them on the mop, you mop, when you’re done, they go back in the bag. Then you have new ones for the bathroom, you have new ones for the kitchen, you have new ones for the next house that you go to.

So, it’s going to come down to user experience, and the user is the homeowner or the professional house cleaner. Depending on the systems that you choose, the systems that you set up, and the types of flooring that you’re cleaning. So that is a little something that thinks about when you’re choosing a mop.0 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Savvy Cleaner


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