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Do House Cleaners Need a Will?

Do house cleaners need a will? Now is as good a time as any to get your affairs in order. Creating a Living Will is also a good idea to help resolve family fights if your health takes a spin.

Protect your assets with your Last Will and Testament and make sure each family member gets what you want them to have.

You can create legal documents right from your home computer with the help of

They can produce business documents, LLC’s, NDA’s, and non-competes as well.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Do House Cleaners Need a Will?

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, Cleaning SuppliesDo house cleaners need a will? This is interesting because a lot of house cleaners say no. Because all they have are cleaning supplies and a vacuum, and so they don’t see that as a lot of resources that they would will to their kids.

However, you should think about having a Will of some sort because we all have a lot more property than we are actually aware of. And so whether it is the intellectual property that you have. Stuff you have created from your blogs and your website or if you have a YouTube channel or any of those things to help grow your business. Some people have monetized their properties, which, like a YouTube channel, for example, can be partnered up with Google AdSense.

So that little video that starts before the main video plays, and after four seconds you can click it off. If you watch that ad, then the YouTube channel makes a commission. So a little bit of money is made from that every single month.

Get Creative with Your Will

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, Signing Last WillSo, if something were to happen to you, your husband/wife would be in charge of your estate. But if something happened to your husband/wife, what happens next?

And so, you get to decide when you write your will, who takes over your estate after you pass if your spouse is not alive. These questions are being asked a lot because right now everyone is undergoing quarantine for the coronavirus scare. There are house cleaners all over the globe that are staying home and they’re getting their accounts, finances and, all their affairs in order.

 Yes, it’s an awesome time to create a Will and specify what happens next. So are you going to will that to someone? You will have to decide to gets what.

What if You Have Pets

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, Cute Dog on MatAnother thing that’s interesting, is you can put pets in your Will.  If you update your Will it could ask you, “Who do you want your dogs to go to?” Well, if you don’t have any dogs and don’t have any pets, it may get you thinking, “Wait for a second, what if I did have dogs and pets?”

This is the place that you specify who the godparents are of your children and of your pets. Who’s going to take care of them? Also, if you do have some valuables, nice cars, a nice home, who gets that when you pass?

And so you can specify it, “This child gets this, this child gets this, this child gets this,” and you break it down so that there are no fights after you’re gone. So it’s a fun thing to do to make sure that what you would have wanted happens.

Advanced Directives in Wills

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, Man on RespiratorAlso, when talking about wills, you have to talk about advanced directives. And this is, let’s say that you were to catch the virus and you become asphyxiated and you can’t read. You’re on a machine that’s keeping you alive, do you want to stay on that machine?

Or knowing that your brain is not working as it should, would you want them to pull the plug on that and let you go? It sounds kind of grim, but there are people that have kept family members on life support for years. Eating up hundreds and thousands of dollars when the person was then never able to regain consciousness. So you have the ability to make those directives in writing.

Right now you can’t go out and get them notarized, but you could make those decisions right now and print them up. Then as soon as everything goes back to normal, you run to the nearest bank, you have them notarized, you’re good to go. But right now this is a perfect opportunity to get those affairs in order.

Are You an Organ Donor?

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, Woman Holding Sign, Organ DonorWhile talking about your will and getting your affairs in order, you may think about are you an organ donor? Because there are about 60 different parts of your body that you can give to other people and help keep them alive.

And so, if you are a healthy person for the most part, and there may be a part of your body that could be shared with someone else to help them save a life.

So if you’re not going to be using it anymore, you can add that to your driver’s license.  And it’s important to let your family members know what your intentions are, so there are no surprises when this happens.

Decide How You Will be Buried in Your Will

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, CemeteryAt the time you write your Will you also get to decide how you want to be buried. Do you want to be buried or cremated? This is kind of a doom and gloom subject. But right now once you decide this, then your family knows so that you don’t have to keep revisiting this at a later date.

And that heaven forbid anything should happen to you, you don’t put your family in a state of worry and confusion. If you come in and you say, “Hey listen, here’s the deal,” And you can tell them your wishes.


Decide On Your Funeral Plans in Your Will

Do House Cleaners Need a Will, Family Looking at TabletYou might decide that you don’t want a big funeral when you pass, you might decide that you do. But you should decide now either way.

Your family may be all over the United States or in different countries so it may not be necessary for you to have them all come together for a funeral. They could get together on a Zoom call and all say, “Hi,” and talk it out. It’s a lot of extra expense and whatever. And not really necessary.

So you get to decide, on your final wishes. And even though you don’t plan on dying and you are doing everything to stay healthy right now.  You will be happy that you took the time and got your affairs in order. Because if anything were to happen to you right now, there’s no guesswork, it’s all organized, it’s all in one place. Whoever has access to your files can find all the information they need, and they are good to go.0 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Savvy Cleaner


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