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Compass Wave – Maid Service Estimating Software

Compass Wave is about to make your life easier with instant online cleaning estimates. Compass Wave integrates with all your favorite apps like Zillow, Google Maps and Quality Driven. If you’re no good at sales or bidding jobs relax. Compass Wave’s got your back.

Before Compass Wave

Pre Compass Wave Team meets to discuss Job estimatesGinny, had a knack for business. She loved her house cleaning clients and her employees. The team she had that went out to bid jobs were okay at it, but they all had different methods of pricing. One charged by the hour. One by the number of rooms and the last by square footage. Nobody could agree which method was best and the pricing was all over the board.

Compass Wave to the Rescue

Compass Wave a Middle age woman at computer gets an estimateIf pricing jobs and giving estimates is not your strength, you’re not alone. But good news!

Compass Wave does online bidding estimates the easy way and will streamline your quotes and your pricing.

You just plug the software into your website and your prospects do all the work.
What? It’s true. Your prospects fill out a form that asks them a series of questions. When they submit the form, they get an instant quote. How easy is that?

Compass Wave Integrates with Zillow & Google Maps

Compass Wave plus Zillow plus Google MapsHave you ever gone to bid a house and the prospect tells you they have three bedrooms and three bathrooms? And you get there and they forgot to tell you about the music room, the office, and the playroom which are converted bedrooms.

“Well, they don’t have beds in them, so they are not bedrooms.”

“Yeah, whatever, you have six bedrooms and they all need cleaning.”

Don’t worry you don’t have to have that conversation. Zillow the wildly popular online real estate tool in connection with Google Maps shows you the house. It pulls housing information on square footage, bathrooms, and all six bedrooms. Bam!

As soon as the prospect enters their address – the truth is told.

The prospect can see it – and you can see it so we won’t even pretend there are only three bedrooms. We all know better.

Compass Wave has a Clutter Captcha

Compass Wave Clutter CaptchaThe prospect then adds in the details of their dream cleaning. They fill in details like how many people live in the house, how many pets, and how often they need cleaning.

While cruising along in the questionnaire they hit the clutter captcha. They can’t continue without choosing one of the following conditions: “Organized”, “Average” or “Cluttered.”

And yes, the price changes based on their choice. If they choose “cluttered” and the estimate is too high, they can go back and change it to “organized” for a lucky price break.

Then they have some cleaning to do before you get there.

The Clutter Captcha connects to Compass Wave’s flagship feature the Cost Drivers.

Compass Wave Cost DriversCompass Wave Uses Cost Drivers to Determine Price

Cost drivers are the “hidden stuff” that drive your operating expenses and overhead costs up.

They are things like: Compass Wave Testimonial_2

  • Your Time (to clean organized vs. cluttered)
  • Number of Employees (needed to do this job right.)
  • Payroll (and payroll expenses.)
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Company vehicles
  • Vehicle service, registration, fuel, tires, maintenance
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning Equipment (vacuums, mops, steamers, brushes, aprons)
  • Uniforms
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Stop trying to figure it all out in your head. Compass Wave does all the work for you. It spreads the cost drivers out over every job so your profit is built into every bid.

Price Quote SpacerCompass Wave Gives Instant Quotes

Instead of the customer waiting around for hours for a “cleaning service rep” to call with the quote, Compass Wave makes it happen. Right then, right there in real time.

It sends the customer a quote and it sends you, the cleaning company a quote. Now everybody is playing on the same page before you ever have your first conversation.

Ratings and Review spacerCompass Wave Integrates with Quality Driven

Just when you thought you had it all, check it out. Compass Wave can funnel your jobs to Quality Driven.

This allows you to send customer surveys, track quality issues on jobs and collect online ratings and reviews.

Compass Wave Testimonial_1Compass Wave Integrates with Your Company Branding

Compass Wave blends into your existing website by allowing you to customize the look and feel.

All this for about a dollar a day. Girl with Compass Wave saying I've got this

WHAT? It’s true. With Compass Wave bidding jobs just got easy. And for the first time ever – the entire team agrees on that.

Compass Wave spacerCompass Wave Has a Free Demo

Before you take my word for it, give Compass Wave a try. They have a free demo that will show you how easy it is to use.

In just a couple of minutes, you’ll see how much money you can save by automating these dreaded sales tasks.

Best of all it removes sticker shock because the prospect can see up front the costs and make their own adjustments before you arrive, taking that burden off your plate.

Compass Wave Homepage with Arrows point at free demo

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