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Best Spray Bottles for Cleaning Solutions (House Cleaning, Airbnb, VRBO)

Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning woman on phone call at homeWhere do you find the best spray bottles? That’s an excellent question, and we’re going to answer that today.

“Hi, Angela. I’d like to know where can I find the best spray bottles? I have a hard time finding ones that do the right job. A lot of them just don’t work for long or very well. It’s frustrating.”

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Best Spray Bottles for House Cleaners and Maids

Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning walmart storefrontAll right, now, I don’t know the scope of your business, so I don’t know if you’re packing cleaning kits for 30 people. If you’re buying cleaning products and bottles for just yourself, I’m Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning spray at any angle spray bottles going to send you to Walmart.

There are some amazing bottles that you can buy in the cleaning section at Walmart in most cities.

Now, what I’m talking about is I’m talking about a great, big 320z bottle by Bottle Crew. It’s got a wide mouth, so it’s easy to pour stuff in and out of.

Best Spray Bottles Spray in Any Direction

Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning spray at any angle spray bottlesNow, what’s nice about this bottle is that you can spray it in any direction. If there’s only a bit of cleaning solution left in your bottle, it will still spray upside down. It will spray right side up, sideways, and never leaks. So, if you’re spraying something flat like the floor, you’ll have no problem.

The spray in any direction bottles come with different color triggers so you can see at a glance what chemical you’re using.

They’re about two-and-a-half bucks a piece, so they’re not expensive.

Best Spray Bottles Are Part of Your Speed Cleaning System

Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning spray at any angle bottlesGet in the habit of using the same color trigger for the same type of solution. For example, use blue for glass cleaner and stainless steel. Use red for multi-purpose cleaning. Use a green trigger for your degreaser.

When you’re in a hurry and you’re doing your speed cleaning you won’t have time to stop to figure out which cleaning solution is where. You’ll have the red bottle in your right hand and blue in your left. Green is in your cleaning caddy.

The Best Spray Bottles Have Wide Mouths

Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning cheap spray bottleA wide mouth bottle allows you to put a funnel inside for easy mixing and refilling.

And because the triggers fold out, you can hook them to your belt loops or apron with ease.

These bottles will still work if you are packing cleaning kits for 30 people. But you may consider buying them in bulk online or at Uline. Uline is not a sponsor of the show, but I mention them because I’m a fan and have used their products for years.

The Best Spray Bottles Are Not Ready to Use Bottles

Best Spray Bottles For Cleaning spray bottles isolatedReady to use bottles are on all the grocery store shelves with cleaning solutions in them. They design those for one-time use. The bottles have lousy spray nozzles and the bottles are flimsy. If you drop one, the trigger may bust and then with further use, the bottle leaks when you spray.

The key to a great bottle is its durability because you’ll be using it all day, every day. The ready to use spray bottles clog over time. And not all cleaning chemicals are the same density. So, one type of chemical repurposed in another ready to use container can cause you to use too much-creating waste.

The Best Spray Bottles Have the Ability to Measure Your Spray

Measuring your spray helps you decide how much solution to spray, how fine or how dense to spray it, and how far the spray should go.

This will save time and money when you spray with intention.

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