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Help Your Carpet Cleaner Help You

Help Your Carpet Cleaner Help You

The Job of the Carpet Cleaner
Vacuuming – this picks up dry soil, dirt, pet hair, and debris.
Carpet pre-treatment – this breaks up the gunk in the fibers of the carpet. They do this with a chemical application. Then they apply heat to speed up the chemical reactions. Then agitation of the carpet fibers to distribute the chemicals.
Extraction which is usually done by hot water is also known as steam cleaning.
Refreshing the carpet is fluffing the carpets to keep the pile from leaning to one side or the other, and from matting.
Drying. Carpets under most circumstances will dry themselves with proper ventilation. Drying usually takes six to eight hours but may need the help of open windows and ceiling fans.

Employee Perks for House Cleaners and Maids

Employee perks will keep your house cleaners and maids happy and coming back to work. Here we look at bonuses, incentives, employee rewards and employee perks to make your cleaning technicians feel needed, important and appreciated. These tips will work even on a small budget.

Hoarding: Change Your Relationship with Stuff

Hoarding is real. And hoarding is a disease that affects all members of the family. Today we look at hoarding, compulsive spending, mental health and how to change your relationship with stuff.  

“Is it possible to clean my space with obsessive-compulsive disorder? I don’t want to be a clean freak or hire a house cleaner. I just want to live in a clean house not consumed by OCD, compulsive behavior or filth.”

Best Type of Furniture Polish

Tips to Get the Most From Your Furniture Polish
Spray or oil your microfiber cloth and use that to dust/polish. Spraying, squirting or pouring furniture polish directly on wood can cause uneven distribution. It can also cause overspray getting the furniture polish on non-wood related fabrics like glass and leather or your carpet. 
Polish a piece of wood that is inconspicuous first. Like if it’s your kitchen cabinets, do it on the inside of your kitchen cabinet and see how it reacts and how it responds, and maybe try it for a week or two. See what it looks like after a week or two before you actually do the fronts of all your cabinets. Then if works out fine and there’s no problem or whatever, then you can go ahead and do the outsides of your cabinets or your wood furniture or whatever.
Always want to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the outside of the container. Different products various reactions and necessary dwell times to get the best results.
Dedicate a cloth to dark wood and a cloth for light wood. Keep your colored furniture polish consistent on those two cloths. This way when you come across a nick or ding in some wood furniture, you can just rub your dedicated cloth over it and fill in the gaps. 

Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums

I belong to a group of 6,700 professional house cleaners. And we talk about stuff like backpack vacuums and which ones are their favorites. 
I’ve listed my findings and have included links to the favorite backpack vacuums used by professionals. Check out the pros and cons before you buy.

Three Types of Toilet Bowl Rings

Toilet Bowl Ring – Three Types
The first one is a red rust- or brown-colored ring.  That forms from calcium and magnesium mineral deposits that come from your water. If you scrub the inside of your toilet and can’t get it clean, then it’s a hard water stain.
The second is a black or a green ring where the water sets in your toilet, and that is mold.
The third kind of toilet bowl ring is pink, and that’s a bacteria ring around the inside of your toilet.
We’ll take a look at each type and the best way to clean it, and what chemicals are safest.

Pumice Stones

Pumice stones are the craze of house cleaners. How do you clean with a pumie scouring stick? We Ask a House Cleaner what are pumice stones? And do you clean with a dry or a wet pumice stone? Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says all maid service training should cover this. House cleaner education shows you …

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Concentrates vs. Ready to Use, Angela Brown, My Cleaning Connection

Concentrates vs. Ready to Use Cleaning Solutions

Concentrates vs. ready to use cleaning solutions which is better? Are the consistencies of concentrates the same for homeowners as those of a professional cleaner? Do you save money when you mix solutions? And does topping off your supplies change the chemistry? We Ask a House Cleaner about all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, and other favorite concentrates. Angela Brown, The House …

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